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Come Fly With Me Book Cover

Title: Come Fly With Me

AuthorHelen Rolfe

Genre: Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


A Second Chance…

For Maya, serving as a pilot in the Whistlestop River air ambulance team is a dream come true. And now, with her divorce from her overbearing husband finally complete, flying over the fields of Dorset, and saving lives with the Skylarks, is the centre of her world. If only her ex would accept their separation as readily as she had, life would be perfect…

A fresh start…

Having recently transferred from London to Dorset, paramedic Noah is ready for a new start. But he’s brought with him a lot of baggage, not least his infant niece who he’s been looking after since his sister died unexpectedly earlier that year. Noah adores Eva, but is he really cut out to look after a baby?

A risk worth taking?

When Noah and Maya find themselves on the same rescue team, they’re immediately drawn to each other. Yet, with so many complications in their personal lives, do they have time to open their hearts to someone new?

As their friendship grows, Noah and Maya are both about to discover that life is worth nothing unless you share it with the people you love.

My Review of Come Fly With Me

Maya is the pilot for the Whistlestop River air ambulance (AKA the Skylarks) – a job that not only makes her incredibly proud, but focusing on work allows her to forget the disaster of her personal life – and it really is bad. Her ex-husband is obviously ignoring the imminent divorce, and is refusing to accept their relationship is over.

The arrival of a new paramedic, Noah, to the Skylarks is a great addition to the team. Noah has recently moved to the area from London, and unfortunately, his personal life is also in a very unsettled state. Noah has become ‘Dad’ to his niece, Eva, since the very sad and unexpected death of his sister earlier in the year. Loving Eva very much, Noah is struggling with concerns that he just isn’t cut out to be a ‘Dad’.

When Maya and Noah end up on the same team together, we instantly see the friendship between them, which soon turns into a growing chemistry. But with so much going on in both their personal lives, can they really take a chance on a relationship? Or is it just too much of a risk?

Come Fly With Me is a beautifully written and emotionally charged story. The author takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions, and tackles some very difficult subject areas of love, loss, family and second chances. A beautiful, yet emotional read – without a doubt, this needs to be added to your TBR pile this summer.

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