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Annie In Paris Book Cover

Title: Annie in Paris

AuthorCarmen Reid

Genre: Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Personal shopper Annie Valentine is back! Older and bolder!

Fashion guru Annie is struggling to cope with her hectic life. With the demands of two older children, plus four-year-old twins, her marriage to Ed is in a romance-free rut and she’s clinging by a couture thread to her job as the nation’s favourite fashion fixer.

And where is Svetlana, her multi-millionaire friend, when Annie needs her? Busy with an expensive mid-life crisis, that’s where!

When Ed gets the chance to teach in Paris, Annie thinks time apart could be the answer. Wrong!

In Paris, Ed transforms into a debonair silver fox, attracting the attentions of stylish siren Sylvie.

Annie can’t lose her man or the job she loves, so bundling her bags, her babies and a reluctant Svetlana onto the Eurostar, she sets off to the rescue. But can the City of Love deliver the ooh la la that her marriage, and her fashion series, so desperately needs?

My Review of Annie in Paris

Annie in Paris – one of my favourite fictional characters – Annie Valentine is back! We are first introduced to Annie in Carmen Reid’s book The Personal Shopper, which is where I fell totally in love with Annie Valentine as a character – she is one heck of a woman!

In this story, Annie is up to her usual mischief, but this time in the beautiful city of Paris. The reason she is in Paris? Well, Ed has been offered the chance to teach music in Paris for a term – on his own! He has decided that he wants to take a break from life for a bit and really follow his passion for his music.

Initially, Annie agrees that it would be good for him to do this, but, when the time comes, she doesn’t know how she will cope without Ed around. Hence why she is in Paris – but as we all know, wherever Annie Valentine is, trouble and mischief will follow very quickly behind! So without giving anything away, things don’t go quite as planned 😀

Annie in Paris is yet another brilliantly funny and incredibly well-written story by the fabulous Carmen Reid. The best characters combined with beautiful locations makes this a total essential to add to your TBR pile 📚

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