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A Wedding In The Sun Book Cover

Title: A Wedding In The Sun

AuthorLeonie Mack

Genre: Romance

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Jo Watters would rather do anything than go to her ex-husband Ben’s wedding to perfect Monica, and if it wasn’t for her beloved children she would already be far, far away. But having promised to be civilised for the sake of their soon-to-be-blended family she is headed to Spain with a fixed smile and hoping for a very fixed drink!

But when Jo realises that she’s on the same plane as Monica’s ex-husband, the devastatingly handsome but equally cantankerous Adrián, she thinks her trip can’t get any worse… she’s wrong. When bad weather forces the plane to land the wrong side of the Pyrenees, and the hotel they’re sent to only has one double room available Jo begins to wish she was anywhere – anywhere – but here…

Determined to get to the wedding however they can, Jo and Adrián make an unlikely team, but as their disastrous trip continues, Jo starts to wonder if fate has other ideas for her and Adrián, especially when he seems to be getting more handsome by the day…maybe this trip won’t be so terrible after all?

My Review of A Wedding In The Sun

The story begins with Jo – who is on her way to her ex-husband’s lavish wedding in Spain, when she almost bumps into her PTA rival, Adrián, at the airport. Narrowly avoiding him, Jo boards the plane headed for what she already knows is going to be one of the most awful few days. And things get worse, when she realises that Adrián is on the same flight as she is. Well, it kind of makes sense – you see, he is the ex-husband of Jo’s ex-husbands new wife-to be (are you confused yet!), so it figures he is heading for Spain, and the insufferable wedding also.

When the plane hits some bad weather, they are diverted and end up half way across Europe – and not in the direction of where they should have been headed – Spain. Deciding to team up and work together, Jo and Adrián figure out how they can get back to Spain – and in time for the wedding. As you can imagine, this does not go to plan, and they come across many hurdles along the way. As we see them navigate these hurdles, we begin to see the chemistry build between Jo and Adrián. Could Jo really being seeing her PTA rival in a romantic way?

A Wedding In The Sun is a real fun and funny summer read, with moments that will make you laugh out loud, but also moments that will really pull on your emotions. A beautiful story with beautifully written characters with complicated lives, who at the end of the day are just looking to be happy and be loved.

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