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Can You Keep a Secret Book Cover

Title: Can You Keep a Secret?

AuthorJo Lovett

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 4 out of 5


One New Year’s Eve, Georgie James and her friends come up with a genius plan to help them stick to their resolutions… They all write down secrets, seal them in envelopes and then post them to each other. The secrets will be revealed at the end of the year if they haven’t kept their resolutions.

It’s perfect. Except…

Georgie’s secret is BIG… and revealing it could destroy their friendships. She has no idea why she chose that one to write down. There are plenty of innocent things she could have said – even admitting she finds newcomer Raf incredibly annoying would have been better.

What she does know is that there’s no way she can let her secret be revealed. Which means she needs to keep her (nightmare) resolutions and, most importantly, get her envelope back before anyone can open it. Which, given she sent her secret to Raf, means spending a lot more time with him than she’d choose to…

My Review of Can You Keep a Secret?

This story centres around four childhood friends and one pretty big secret – which could ruin the whole friendship group if it ever were to come out. One slightly drunken New Year’s Eve, Georgie and her friends decided on what they thought was a great idea to help them all stick to their resolutions – to write down their secrets, sealing them away in envelopes and posting them to each other.

At the end of the year, anyone who hadn’t kept to their resolutions – well, their secret would be revealed! What further motivation could the four friends need to stick to their resolutions – especially for Georgie – you see, her secret is huge, and could potentially ruin the life-long friendship.

We follow each of the characters throughout the year and see if each of them can find happiness and growth in their lives, especially Georgie, who is struggling with regret and is desperately trying to get back her envelope before her mysterious words are revealed.

Can You Keep a Secret? is a beautifully written book about the highs and lows of friendships, relationships and life in general. The book covers some emotional and difficult topics, such as toxic relationships, body image and self-worth, but all done with sensitivity. Can You Keep a Secret? is a really heart-warming, but also quite emotional read as well.

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