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Never Ever Getting Back Together Book Cover

Title: Never Ever Getting Back Together

AuthorPhoebe MacLeod

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Everyone remembers their first love. Jess Thomas definitely does. So, it’s more than a little awkward when Jess’s first love, Jamie Ferguson, turns out to be the best man at the wedding she’s catering for. And more than a little insulting when he doesn’t appear to remember her at all.

Since Jamie broke her heart (via text!), 10 years earlier, Jess has sworn off romance. And with a booming catering business to focus on, she’s doing OK. She has no interest in revisiting the past.

But when Jess’s car breaks down on a country lane, she has no choice but to accept Jamie’s help. Now, Jamie is determined to show Jess he’s a new man. But can guys like Jamie ever really change? And if she gives him another chance, is she setting herself up for a fall?

My Review of Never Ever Getting Back Together

I am a huge fan of Phoebe MacLeod, and having already read and loved Someone Else’s Honeymoon, Love at First Site, and An Un Romantic Comedy, I knew I was going to love Never Ever Getting Back Together, and I wasn’t wrong! The story focuses on main character, Jess who owns and runs her own successful catering business with her friend Alice. Life is good for Jess now, but that hasn’t always been the case. Jess had her heart broken by Jamie – the guy who dumped her by text message 10 years earlier.

Having moved on with her life, Jess never forgot Jamie and to stop herself from getting hurt again, has sworn off men and being in another relationship. The very last thing Jess expects is to see Jamie again – but that is exactly what happens at a party she is catering. Thankfully he doesn’t remember her, so thinking she has a lucky escape, Jess heads home at the end of the night.

When her car breaks down on the journey home, believe it or not, the only person to stop and help her is Jamie. When he tells her that she reminds him of someone he used to know, Jess can’t help herself – and all her pent-up anger, frustration, and hurt comes out. from this point on, both Jess and Jamie decided that being friends would be great, but things start to develop very quickly between the two of them. But could they ever be more than good friends? Or will the past stop them from finding each other again?

Never Ever Getting Back Together is another great story from author Phoebe MacLeod. A fun book to add to your TBR pile.

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