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Was It Good For You Book Cover

Title: Was It Good For You?

AuthorKathryn Freeman

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


If you’re not a ten on Sophie’s spreadsheet, you’re never getting her between the bedsheets…

No aspect of Sophie’s life goes unrecorded in her Excel spreadsheets, so when she accidentally sends it to her entire contact list instead of just her best friend, Sophie has a lot of uncomfortable explaining to do.

First on the list? Dr Michael Adams. After a disastrous first date, Michael scored a ‘3’ on Sophie’s ‘love life’ tab, but when she shows up to apologise for sharing his result with the world, he issues an unexpected challenge: ten dates to prove that love can’t be calculated by an equation or contained by 0boxes on a spreadsheet.

Sophie isn’t someone who’s used to thinking outside the digital box, but there’s something about Michael that makes her want to take a chance…

My Review of Was it Good For You?

I always get really excited when I see a new book released by Kathryn Freeman – I know I am going to love every new story – combined with brilliant writing and incredible characters, packed full of chemistry – her books just fill me with total joy. Was It Good for You? is another one of those incredible stories.

Main character Sophie is a planner in every aspect of her life, but not just organised – Sophie has every element of her life documented, scored, and in colour-coded tabs on her spreadsheets. There is not a single part of her life that doesn’t end up being added to her infamous spreadsheets – and that includes scoring her dates, including her disastrous first date with Dr. Michael Adams – who only scored a 3 from Sophie.

After a very unfortunate incident – where somehow Sophie ends up sending her spreadsheet to her entire contacts list – (oops) – Michael gets in touch with Sophie again. After seeing the score Sophie has given, Micahel challenges Sophie to a challenge of 10 dates to prove that love can’t be calculated by an equation or contained by 0boxes on a spreadsheet.

Could love really be on the cards for Sophie and Michael – or will she revert back to the safety of her spreadsheets and miss the opportunity for real love?

Was It Good for You? is another brilliantly written book by Kathryn Freeman. The characters are just beautifully crafted and written with the incredible magic Kathryn is able to do and make all her characters seem so true to life. An absolute must-read from me.

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    Such a lovely review – thank you so much Sarah, really glad you enjoyed it 😁😁

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