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Love at First Site Book Cover

Title: Love at First Site

AuthorPhoebe MacLeod

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Project Manager Ella Mackenzie thought she had her whole life perfectly mapped
out – just like one of her colour-coded spreadsheets.  She is the last person to do anything
reckless or impulsive.

But when her and her terrible boyfriend split, she is left single, homeless and without a backup plan.

Suddenly, her whole worldly belongings are crammed into the back of her little Fiat, and she’s driving two-hundred-and-fifty miles across the country to start a new job that she should never have accepted in an industry she knows nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?

Ella doesn’t know the first thing about building sites, but thankfully Noah Harris is an expert in construction and is there to show her the ropes (and the ladders).

And, as Ella is about to find out, he’s an expert in a few other things too…

My Review of Love at First Site

I am a huge fan of Phoebe MacLeod and her writing, and after already reading and loving An Un Romantic Comedy and Someone Else’s Honeymoon, I knew that I was going to love this book just as much, and I wasn’t wrong. In Love at First Site, the story is centered around main character, Ella.

Ella is the type of person who has her whole life mapped out – she has an amazing job, and a great relationship with her boyfriend Lee – but the one thing in Ella’s life that is not so great is the fact she has to hide her relationship with Lee from everyone. You see Ella and Lee work at the same company – and relationships with co-workers are certainly not deemed to be appropriate.

What Ella is not expecting is when a big work deal comes crashing down around them, Lee hands in his notice and announces that he is going to work for a rival company – all on the same day. As Ella begins to see Lee for who he really is, her life begins to unravel in front of her eyes.

Deciding she needs a fresh start away from Lee and all the history between them – Ella accepts a job offer as a Construction Project Manager. This is where Ella meets Noah, who is one of the construction workers on site – the chemistry between the two of them is obvious from the start. But can Ella put aside her past hurt and heartache, and start a relationship with Noah, or will her past hurt stop her from being happy?

Love at First Site is an adorably sweet romantic read. The developing romance between Ella and Noah is so adorable to see developing. The perfect lighthearted and fun summer read.

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