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Sophie's Summer Kiss Book Cover

Title: Sophie’s Summer Kiss

AuthorDebbie Viggiano

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Sophie Fairfax knows that you don’t get to fifty without collecting some emotional bruises along the way.  Having left the School of Knocks with top marks, she’s not just older, she’s wiser. 

So, when boyfriend George proposes, Sophie says yes.  After all, George is nothing like her charming but unfaithful ex, Teddy. Okay, George is a little boring – his favourite colour is grey – and there’s also the small matter of him suggesting Sophie is too old for a bikini and should buy a one-piece for their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, but so what?

When Sophie uploads a pic of her engagement ring to Instagram, she expects attention, but not in the form of Thomas Tabby Cat – a fake account – warning she’s betrothed to a cheater. 

Rocked, Sophie suffers flashbacks to life with Teddy. She can’t go through that again. Bestie Sue suggests it’s the work of a jealous troll, but Sophie is rattled.  Is there a love triangle and, if so, might it become a wrecktangle?

Sophie reckons there’s a way to find out. Sometimes, when searching for an enemy, you need to check your list of friends….

My Review of Sophie’s Summer Kiss

I haven’t read many books from this author, but I have read Willow’s Wedding Vows and loved this story, so I really hoped I was going to enjoy Sophie’s Summer Kiss just as much – and I really did. This story follows fifty year old Sophie, who is planning her wedding to her boyfriend George. Having been cheated on by her ex, Teddy, Sophie’s heart has taking a bit of a battering, and so when George asks her to marry him, she says es. George is safe, dependable – some might say a little boring. But this is exactly why Sophie wants to marry George – knowing he is nothing like her ex.

Sophie’s world is rocked when she receives a message on Instagram from Thomas Tabby Cat – suggesting that George might be cheating on her. Does someone want to ruin her wedding day, or could this really be the truth?

There is a large part of the story that takes place in the stunningly beautiful Amalfi coast, which isn’t included in the synopsis of this book – this is where a lot of twists, turns and choices are made – we see Sophie on a real emotional rollercoaster. Will Sophie follow her heart, and choose true happiness for herself?

Sophie’s Summer Kiss is a beautifully written light-hearted story, with fantastic characters, beautiful summer scenery and locations, and leaves you with a feeling of hope, happiness and joy – a perfect summer read.

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