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You've Got This! Book Cover

Title: You’ve Got This!

AuthorMaxine Morrey

Genre: Romance

My Rating: 5 out of 5


To find true love, first you have to truly love yourself…

Fleur French does not have the best of luck when it comes to life and love, and her current boyfriend Jasper is yet another person who only seems to like Fleur when she moulds herself into his idea of the perfect partner. So, when she finds herself single, jobless, and homeless, Fleur has to decide if she’s ready to finally be herself – if only she knew who that was.

Matt Morgan saw things he’ll never forget when he was deployed in the military, but now back home in Wales, the recuperative powers of the stunning countryside are working their magic.  And when Fleur takes a job at his mother’s hotel, Matt senses she could benefit from that same magic – if only Fleur realised it too.

It’s hard to be yourself, when you’ve never felt you quite fitted in. But with new days come new opportunities, and as Fleur begins to flourish and find out who she really is, her luck in love might be about to change too.

My Review of You’ve Got This!

I am such a huge fan of Maxine Morrey and having already read and loved Just Say Yes, You Only Live Once and Things Are Looking Up, I knew I was going to love You’ve Got This! just as much, and I wasn’t wrong. I absolutely loved this story which focuses on the main character, Fleur. We are first introduced to Fleur when she is on a hiking weekend away with her boyfriend, Jasper. As we quickly discover, Jasper is not a very nice person or boyfriend and treats Fleur so badly.

Over dinner, Fleur discovers just how horrible Jasper is when he ends their relationship in public – leaving Fleur at the hotel on her own, but worse is yet to come when she also realises that she doesn’t have a job or a home anymore – as Jasper, with his controlling behavior decided it would be better if she moved in with him, and he also gave her a job at his company. Not knowing what to do, or even how she will get home, Fleur feels broken. The incredibly kind and caring family who run the hotel step in to help Fleur when she needs it most.

Offering Fleur a job as a waitress in the hotel and even somewhere to stay, Fleur decides to take a chance and give it a try – moving from London to Wales is a huge culture change for her, but maybe it is exactly what she needs. The entire family makes Fleur so welcome and reassures her that she is part of their family now, which helps Fleur begin to settle into life in Wales.

Another big part of Fleur feeling so settled is Matt – their friendship blooms so quickly and he is the one person that Fleur feels so relaxed around. Could it be more than friendship between them, or does Fleur need more time to heal after her past relationship with Jasper?

You’ve Got This! is a beautiful and heartwarming read. The characters are so incredibly well written, their stories are so real and their emotional journies of healing past hurt and trauma are so beautifully touching. For me, I think this story is one of the best I have read in a really long time, so much so that I re-read the last few chapters over again. You’ve Got This! needs to be added to your TBR pile!

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