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#IsHeHereYet: Be the person you really want to be with Book Cover

Title: #IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With

AuthorDr. Tony Ortega

Genre: Personal Development

My Rating: 5 out of 5


#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With is an extremely raw (and funny) look at the perceived epidemic of being single in our quest for love. It dismantles the notion that there is something that we need to do in order to bring in “The One.” Instead, it challenges you to be “The One” and see what shows up then. Regardless of the outcome, the end result will be the best version of you possible.

This book is geared toward single and partnered people alike. Through personal and professional accounts of real-life situations, as well as thought-expanding exercises and meditation tools, the reader will leave with a greater understanding and concept of themselves. They will be able to “date themselves” and create the space to naturally attract loving and authentic relationships.

My Review

It is almost as if this book was written just for me. Reading about some of the mistakes, heartbreak, and lessons Dr. Tony Ortega has learned in life was almost a little overwhelming for me, as it reminded me so much of my journey over the last few years. But as the book alludes to – these emotional and challenging times in our life really can make us stronger.

Each chapter guides you through your journey from making peace with your past, to becoming clear on what you actually want from a relationship, all the way through to going on a date and finding a new relationship. I really enjoyed the way the book was set out – it really is a journey in life, and I loved how the book followed that journey perfectly.

Every chapter finishes with some ‘Makeover Questions’ which really gives you the opportunity to spend some time thinking about what you have learned about yourself and your journey and how you can add these lessons into your life to really see positive change. I really enjoyed this book and felt a sense of uplifting and that even though you may have experienced hurt and feeling lost in life – there really is a way to get your life back on track and rediscover the person who you really are.

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