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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife Book Cover

Title: A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife

AuthorJo Bartlett

Genre: Romance/Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


A forever love…or a future dashed?

Midwife Ella Mehenick can’t wait to marry the love of her life, Dan Ferguson. They have both waited so long for their perfect day, and they know their future together will be everything they’ve ever dreamed of. But when Ella suddenly and unexpectedly collapses at work – all plans are put on hold.

Dan just wants Ella to get better, but Ella, so used to caring for others, struggles to accept she needs care herself. She doesn’t want Dan to give up everything for her and suddenly the life they dreamed of seems to be slipping through their fingers…

Once rock solid, Ella and Dan suddenly seem further apart than ever before. Can they find a path back to their happy ever after or will Ella’s change of heart risk everything they love?

My Review of A Chnage of Heart for the Cornish Midwife

A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is the seventh book in the Cornish Midwife series, but can also be read as a stand-alone book. In this story we are introduced to main character Ella and her fiancee, Dan. Everything in Ella’s life is so perfect – she just adores her job as midwife and can’t ever imagine doing anything else. Ella and Dan are also planning their wedding – which neither of them can wait for – they are so incredibly excited to be planning the rest of their lives together.

Nothing or no-one can rock what Ella and Dan have that is until Ella starts experiencing worrying symptoms of pins and needles and numbness, and a sudden collapse at work results in her being admitted to hospital, and a very shocking diagnosis of MS. refusing to give in to her condition, Ella ignores her diagnoses and what the future holds for her, and just tries to carry on as normal. The one thing she asks is that Dan tells no-one about her condition. Ella doesnt wanted to be treated any differently.

All this does is create a huge divide between Ella and Dan, with her not coping with her diagnosis at all, she ends up ending her relationship with Dan, and even cancelling the wedding – without even telling him! Is this really what she wants? Or will Ella have a change of heart and realise that Dan really is all she wants and needs?

A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is such a beautifully written story, with such great and believable characters. The storyline tackles some very emotive subjects, but done in such an empathetic and beautiful way. I absolutely loved this story, and can’t wait to read more from the Cornish Midwife series. A must-read from me 🌟

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