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Your Place or Mine Book Cover

Title: Your Place or Mine

AuthorPortia MacIntosh

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Two reluctant housemates. One question: Is this your place or mine…?

When Serena is kicked out of her flat, an offer from her friend, Taylor, to house sit for her while she and her husband go travelling could not be better timing. But unfortunately for Serena she’s not the only one to have received this offer…

Enter Ziggy: arrogant, messy (and annoyingly handsome) musician, and friend of Taylor’s husband. Living with him is far from ideal, especially when he claims the best room, has loud parties – and the least said about his kitchen manner the better…

There’s just one solution for Serena – drive him out of the house by being twice as difficult to live with than he is! But Ziggy knows Serena’s game and as war ensues between them, being forced together under one roof may result in some unexpected consequences…

My Review

I am such a huge fan of Portia MacIntosh, having already read and loved Just Date and See, The Meet Cute Method, Will They, Won’t They, Life’s a Beach and Stuck On You, I already knew I would love Your Place or Mine, and I wasn’t wrong!

The story follows the main character, Serena, whose life gets tipped upside down, when her boss passes away, and her family decides to sell the business – meaning that not only does Serena not have a job, but because she lived above the adorable team rooms where she worked, Serena now also doesn’t have anywhere to live. Her oldest friend, Taylor, comes to the rescue with a plan for Serena to move into her house, whilst she goes traveling with her husband – the very small problem with that is unbeknown to Taylor, her husband has also asked a friend of his to house-sit whilst they are away. Cue the handsome, but very annoying Ziggy!

As living together becomes more and more frustrating, Serena comes up with a plan to drive Ziggy out of the house. But is that what she really wants?

Your Place or Mine is another fun story from the brilliant Portia MacIntosh. The characters of Serena and Ziggy are so much fun, and so loveable that you just can’t help becoming invested in their journey throughout the book. Another brilliant book to add to your TBR pile for 2023!

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