Blog Tour: Fine Motor Skills by D.C Hope

Fine Motor Skills Book Cover

Title: Fine Motor Skills

AuthorD.C Hope

Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


She has no intention of falling for anyone soon – but then she meets Tony.

Susie is a businesswoman, settled, successful, and in love – until one day, her world crashes down around her.

Tony is from another world. A mechanic who hasn’t an ounce of ambition. She’s hired him to fix up her beloved Morris Minor, and she can’t stand his arrogant, judgemental ways.

Their lives couldn’t be more different.

Two people so unalike could not possibly have anything in common. Falling for him is not an option. Is it?

My Review of Fine Motor Skills

An absolutely brilliant novella – I loved it. The story focuses on Susie and Tony Susie’s life really isn’t in a great place and to top it all off – her beloved Morris Minor car, Moggie, needs a lot of TLC, which also means a lot of money spent on her, which Susie just doesn’t have at the moment.

Tony, who is a mechanic delivers the news to Susie that Moggie the motor needs a huge amount of work to make her roadworthy again. And whilst Susie is upset by this fact, she just can’t seem to stop herself from being drawn to Tony and she literally can’t stop thinking about him. The fact that they are total opposites from each other is not lost on Susie. Or are they? The chemistry between the two of them builds up and things get hot, hot, hot, and very steamy.

Fine Motor Skills is just a brilliant novella – well-written, fast-paced, and with such funny but loveable characters. And a huge helping of steamy romance – enough to keep you toasty all the way through the winter – is a definite must-read from me.

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