Blog Tour: Someone Else’s Honeymoon by Phoebe MacLeod

Someone Else's Honeymoon Book Cover

Title: Someone Else’s Honeymoon

AuthorPhoebe MacLeod

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


When Charley finds herself suddenly single on Christmas Day it feels like her world has fallen apart.

Forced to move back in with her parents, she embarks on a journey of re-invention. When she meets Ed, who is on honeymoon alone after being jilted at the altar by a bride he’s never met, it looks like her life may be taking a turn for the better.

Fate, however, has other ideas, and she and Ed are forced apart.

Will she find her way back to him, or are they just not meant to be?

My Review

I loved this book! The story focuses on the main character, Charley, and how her long-term boyfriend broke up with her on Christmas Eve, after she discovered her had been cheating on her. With no other option, Charley moves back in with her parents whilst she gets herself back on her feet again.

With all her family being so supportive, as well as her best friend, Mads, Charley is soon starting to look to the future, and starts making plans. She decides to change her car, get a place to live by herself and even (with the help of Mads) has a bit of a style overhaul. Her parents decide to include Charley in a holiday they have booked to Antigua.

Whilst relaxing on the beach, Charley meets Ed. After chatting with him, she discovers that Ed is technically on his honeymoon – the one small problem is that his wife-to-be didnt turn up to the wedding! Ed decided not to waste the honeymoon, and after getting to know Charley better, he invites her along to do some of the events that were scheduled for the honeymoon.

This is where the story becomes so much fun, with Charley and Ed spending more and more time together, we see the chemistry between the two fo them developing. But as Ed returns home before Charley does, will they be able to carry on their budding romance once the reality of normal life kicks in again? Someone Else’s Honeymoon is such a fun summer read – a perfect beach-read book this summer.

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