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Meet Me on Platform 3 Book Cover

Title: Meet Me on Platform 3

AuthorZara Stoneley

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Two people. One journey…

Millie loves her city life, her city friends, and writing her true(ish) confessions column – but she’s starting to wonder if the grass really is greener on the other side, or if her heart really belongs back in Northumberland, with her mum who is struggling after the death of Millie’s dad.

Joe is happy doing what he does, writing games. He could do it anywhere, but since leaving home he’s lived believing that looking back means you’ve failed, and life is about taking chances and seeing the world.

So when the two meet up surely it can never work, their lives are moving in opposite directions. On different tracks…

My Review of Meet me on Platform 3

I am such a huge fan of Zara Stoneley’s writing. Having already read and loved Hot Desk, The Dog Sitter, and The First Date – I knew I was going to love Meet Me on Platform 3 just as much – and I wasn’t wrong! The story follows the two main characters – Millie and Joe. They meet at the train station one rainy afternoon. Millie is rushing to get the train home to her Mum when she is soaked with water from someone’s umbrella – that someone is Joe.

Millie feels an instant atraction to Joe – like nothing she has ever felt before. Rushing to get her train, Millie frantically searches the platform for Joe, and as her train pulls away from the station, the though occurs to Millie that she might never see him again – yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The story is told from the perspective of both Millie and Joe, and guess what – Joe feels exactly the same about Millie. Both are looking for ‘the one’ and both hope they will find each other again. Will fate bring them back together, or were Millie and Joe destined not to be?

Meet Me on Platform 3 is such a cute story about 2 strangers meeting and falling in love. I love how the story is told from the perspective of both Millie and Joe, and the story is packed full of drama and just the sutest love story. One for the romantics for sure!

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