Blog Tour: One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low

One Last Day of Summer Book Cover

Title: One Last Day of Summer

AuthorShari Low

Genre: Romance/Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


As a flight to St Lucia leaves the runway, four passengers meet for the first time.

After escaping her controlling husband, Bernadette Manson is taking the first extravagant holiday of her new life. But when her best friend cancels, will she be strong enough to fly solo?

Tadgh Donovan is about to jet off to his destination wedding when he sees a shocking text. Has his bride-to-be written her wedding vows… or already broken them?

Hayley Ford is the wife of a top fertility specialist yet her battle to get pregnant has almost broken her marriage. Can a trip to the sun heal their relationship or should she brace for a crash landing?

Dev Robbins is crossing oceans to track down the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Will it be a one-way trip to happy ever after or a return journey to singledom?

My Review of One Last Day of Summer

Love, love love this story, and so perfect for this time of year for those summer holiday vibes!

One Last Day of Summer is centered around 4 main characters – Bernadette, Tadgh, Hayley, and Dev, who are all on their way to Saunt Lucia and end up being seated together on the flight. During the 9-hour flight, the 4 of them strike up a friendship. Each of the characters has their own problems and issues and throughout the flight, as they each get to know each other a little better, they begin to open up to one another about their problems.

As the story develops, we get to find out a bit more about each of the 4 main characters – Irish rock star Tadgh, who is going to St Lucia for his wedding to his fiancee Cheryl. He should be elated and excited, except for one fact – just before boarding the place, Tadgh saw a text on his brother’s phone which looks like his brother could be having an affair with his bride-to-be.

Hayley is hoping for a relaxing holiday with her surgeon husband. They have been through a particularly stressful time after several failed IVF attempts, and all Hayley wants is just a relaxing break. Her controlling and manipulative husband has other ideas, and even before the holiday has started has made Hayley feel worthless – he upgraded himself to business class on the flight, leaving Hayley on her own.

Dev is flying halfway across the world to St Lucia to try and find the ‘love of his life’ after a one-night stand with a girl called Cheryl – it couldn’t be the same Chery, could it?! And, Bernadette is stepping out of her comfort zone, and going on holiday alone, after her best friend has had to stay home for a family emergency. 

I absolutely loved the story of One Last Day of Summer – seeing how all 4 of the main characters got to know each other was just so lovely to see their relationships changing and evolving in just a short period of time. Beautifully written and for me, the perfect summer read – I can 100% guarantee you will love it just as much as I did.

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