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A Change of Heart Book Cover

Title: A Change of Heart

AuthorHannah Ellis

Genre: Romance

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Seren has had a soft spot for her best friend’s brother for as long as she can remember. But when she starts to see Kit as more than just a friend, she knows she’s on dangerous ground. Avoiding him is probably her best course of action, but that’s easier said than done when you live on a tiny island.

When Kit declares he’s in love with her, she’s forced to deny her feelings. There’s too much to lose for her to do anything else. If only her heart would get the message that she and Kit aren’t meant to be.

As the tension between them builds it becomes more and more difficult for Seren to keep her feelings hidden.

Can she find the courage to risk everything for love? And will Kit still be waiting for her when she does?

My Review

A Change of Heart is the second book in the Isles of Scilly series. The first book – The Weekend Getaway introduces us to the Treneary family who lives on the Isles of Scilly, and focuses on the story of Kiera and Noah. This time around the focus is on Noah’s brother Kit, and his best friend, Seren.

Losing her Mum when she was very young, Seren has practically become part of the Treneary family and sees Noah and the rest of the Treneary boys as brothers and friends. That is until recently when she starts to look at Kit in a very different way. Realising, she has developed feelings for Kit, Seren starts to worry, as she knows he won’t feel the same. What Seren doesn’t know, is that Kit feels exactly the same, and is actually in love with Seren, and has been for quite a while.

It is so obvious to everyone around them that they both really like each other, but when Kit tells Seren how he feels, she panics – thinking that a relationship would ruin years of friendship they already have had, and if things didn’t work out – she would have lost a great friend as well. So she decides that denying her feelings for Kit is the best thing all around. As it becomes very clear that her feelings for Kit are real – will Seren miss out on the opportunity of real love?

A Change of Heart really is such a wonderful story, with incredibly well-written characters and packed full of family, fun, friendship, and ultimately real love. An absolute must-read this summer.

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