Blog Tour: The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim by Jules Wake

The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim Book Cover

Title: The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim

AuthorJules Wake

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 5 out of 5


She’s trying to figure out her future. He’s trying to forget his past.

But with the help of some unlikely friends, young and old, and a scruffy dog who just can’t help getting into trouble, a new community is formed – just when they all need each other the most.

My Review of The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim

Jules Wake – you have done it again! Another incredible book that I devoured in a few days. Having already read and LOVED The Saturday Morning Park Run, I knew I was going to love The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim just as much – and I did!

The story centres around the main character Ettie, who having lost another job – this time through no fault of her own – returns to live with her Mum and family. Desperately searching for a new job, she applies to work at Hepplethwaite Hall, the local “big house” that is being turned into a hotel. During the interview, Ettie doesn’t feel like she has made the right impression on owner Dominic, but loves his colleague, Gracie. Ettie is super surprised when she receives a call from Dominic offering her the job.

The main reason Ettie was convinced she wouldn’t get the job is that Dominic caught her wild swimming in the lake at Hepplethwaite Hall. His reaction was somewhat over the top. For Ettie, swimming has always helped her in feeling free and relaxed, so is struggling to understand Dominic’s reaction.

The longer Ettie and Dominic work together, the more they feel the pull of the chemistry between them both, and the start of what could be a beautiful relationship. But Ettie has been hiding something from Dominic that could potentially lead to many problems if he finds out what it is. The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim started with Ettie letting a couple of people swim in the lake with her, but now it has grown to include a large group of people, each of them with different reasons for wanting to do wild swimming – even Gracie has now joined the wild swim group.

When Dominic finds out, it’s the end of the Wednesday Wild Swim and the end for Ettie and him. Can Ettie get to the core of what is troubling him about the wild swimming, and will Dominic ever be able to trust her again? The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim is such an incredibly well-written story, with the most amazing cast of characters – Grandad and Josh are two of my favourites, but it was great to see Hilda and Claire from The Saturday Morning Park Run make a reappearance. Friendship, fun, love – this story has it all – for me, it really is a must-read!

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