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Briefly Yours Book Cover

Title: Briefly Yours

AuthorCat English

Genre: Erotic, Non-Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


What happens if you need to earn serious money to fund your sister through law school and save the hundreds of feral and stray cats in your area? For Cat English, the answer was to work as a call-girl – and be incredibly good at her job.

Briefly Yours is a real-life erotic memoir about the realities behind being the breadwinner in your family, the ‘crazy cat lady,’ and getting to the top of your game. Returning to the ‘real world’ with a job in retail was never going to be easy.

My Review

I totally loved this book. Cat is a call-girl, and in this non-fiction memoir, she shares the reasons why she decided this was the career choice for her. And her reasons may well just surprise you – because they certainly did me! You see, Cat is trying to earn a lot of extra money to help fund her sister through Law School. But also, Cat has a huge soft spot for all the stray and feral cats in her neighbourhood (hence her nickname – Cat!)

I loved how honest Cat is when she details the ‘realness’ of working as a call-girl, and her honesty about the type of clients she has to work with. Some are just unbelievably cruel and even violent. Her honesty really does bring home how vulnerable people who work in this industry can be, although Cat likes to feel like she has a degree of control over the men who use her services.

Briefly Yours is not my usual choice of book, however, I found myself really enjoying Cat’s story and found myself more and more interested in her life and her world as a call-girl. And reading Cat’s story taught me a very valuable lesson, which I think we all could do with reminding of every now and then – we never know why people make certain life choices, and sometimes, as a society, we are so very quick to judge people on what we think we know, but in reality, we have no idea why someone has chosen a particular path in life.

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