Blog Tour: That Certain Spark by Isobel Hart

That Certain Spark Book Cover

Title: That Certain Spark

AuthorIsobel Hart

Genre: Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


A one-bedroom apartment with creeping damp. Depressed cat, complete with litter tray. Neither was part of Claire’s five-year plan.

​Nor, for that matter, was divorce.

​Left with a comfort eating habit that’s costing her a small fortune in ice-cream, and panic attacks flooring her in front of the supermarket meals-for-one, Claire turns to her mum and Mindfulness in the hope that one of them can help her find real happiness.

​She thinks she’s cracked it… but then her past comes creeping back.

​Now she has to work out what really makes her happy or risk a life where Ben & Jerry are the only men who matter.

My Review of That Certain Spark

I loved this book – it’s not your typical chick-lit/romance story, but the theme of love is felt all the way through this story. The story follows the main character Claire, whose marriage has recently ended after her husband cheated on her with her best friend. The other major kick-in-the-teeth for Claire is that Bella is pregnant. I’m sure you can imagine, Claire is really not coping well with the break-up and experiences panic attacks. Her Mum suggests Claire attends a Mindfulness course, which provides Claire with some positivity in more ways than one.

As Claire starts introducing more mindful techniques into her life, she begins to feel happier again, and with Sarah, David, and Jack – her new friends, she starts to feel more positive about her future. But what Claire doest realise is that she is going to be tested again several times over when her new friend, Sarah needs help, love, and support and then when Claire experiences a loss like no other.

That Certain Spark is an incredibly powerful and emotional story, punctured with moments of laughter and happiness, but also moments of sadness. Each of the characters’ stories is written so well and are so real and relatable, but especially that of Claire, who we see experience so many different experiences and emotions throughout this story, but with an overwhelming message about being able to love the person you are and finding true happiness within yourself.

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