Blog Tour: Colouring Outside the Lines by Amanda Paull

Title: Colouring Outside the Lines

AuthorAmanda Paull

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Meet Katie: she’s about to marry the most wonderful man in the world. The planning is done, the checklist is checked. The future is set.

Having spent her twenties and thirties enjoying life with good friends, and building a career she loves, it’s taken Katie until her forties to contemplate settling down. And she couldn’t be more delighted she waited.

So, why is her perfect groom standing gawping at her, wearing mismatched socks and sweating buckets? This can’t bode well.

With her special day in tatters, Katie has a decision to make. Does she snatch back the reigns of her old life, and tighten her grip even more? Or should she take a chance on change? Will she find the key to happiness at a Pilates class in a smelly old hall? Or is the curve ball heading her way too huge to handle?

My Review of Colouring Outside the Lines

I knew I was going to really enjoy this story after reading the synopsis – I just thought the storyline sounded so real and so relatable to many of us. We are immediately introduced to the main character, Katie, who is just about to get married to her soul mate. The planning is all done, everything from her checklist is complete – the day should be perfect right?

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. What should have been the happiest day of her life, turns out to be the start of a whole new life and rollercoaster of a journey for Katie. We then follow Katie on her journey of rediscovery about life and most importantly rediscovering herself, which is actually really lovely as the reader to be a part of.

Colouring Outside the Lines is a really lovely story all about love, friends, family and ultimately self-discovery. I really enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend giving it a read yourself.

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