How To Achieve Brilliance and Beauty When Designing and Arranging Your Living Room

Living room furniture

The arrangement in your home is an essential factor in determining its beauty and comfort. You might have beautiful décor and furniture pieces, but its format will determine how attractive the outcome will be. Therefore, you need to ensure that you learn the secrets of arranging and decorating your home to create the home you want. 

You need to consider each room separately and decide wisely on which design choices to make. It is the simple things that will affect the room’s appearance; how you arrange the furniture, the colour and wallpaper that you will choose, or the positioning of the curtains. 

It will be prudent to run your designs and ideas past your designer to ensure that you do not make any design mistakes. Even though some of these callous and crazy decisions can turn out to be a pretty mess, you need to follow through with the dos and don’ts in your design and home improvement ideas to give you an appealing outlook. 

Here some of the areas you should carefully consider during your living room makeover:

Living Room

The living room allows people to interact, converse, mingle, and have fun; it sets the mood and tone of the house. It is the home’s social hub where you can enjoy your guests’ company, watch movies and TV, and make beautiful memories. It would help if you created an ambience that will promote an engaging conversation and a memorable time.

Additionally, your choice of item arrangement and storage should align with the type of furniture and purpose. For example, some living and dining rooms are often combined, especially for smaller spaces, thus making the design job a bit complicated yet more straightforward. Consequently, you will need to find a style that suits both areas suitably. 

Look into various design choices that will allow your visitors to engage and enjoy your living room. Remember, it is the centre of attraction – the home’s focal point; therefore, you should work on these factors to ensure everything works together beautifully.

Accessories and Decorations

Your choice of accessories and décor pieces should be in line with the house’s theme and colour. Creativity will play a significant role in your choice. However, be keen not to do too much or too little. 

Doing too much can turn out to be messy, while too little can result in an isolated and sketchy look. Work on marrying different combinations of wallpaper, furniture colour, curtains, throw pillows, and carpets. Consider the following dos and don’ts for your living room:

  • Do hang your curtains high enough; it has a greater appeal 
  • Constantly change your throw pillows. It is the simplest and affordable way to make your living room look sleek and classy
  • Use more significant pieces of art to create an intriguing gallery. An assortment of frames will enhance the room’s appearance
  • Avoid having dark spots in your living room. Would you mind making use of different types of chandeliers and lampshades that will boost the room’s lighting and give it a unique look
  • Use the right size of rugs. Choose the size of the carpet according to the size of your room and the furniture you have. Smaller rugs will look untidy and unkempt since they will only accommodate part of the furniture or have narrower paths in the room. It would help if you always had the front or all of the chair or sofa legs on the rug
  • Besides the pillows, wallpaper is an excellent idea of creating contrast and brightness in the house
  • Make the right colour combination choices on the accessories and overall living room colour. You should also consider the type of pattern that you want to implement.


The furniture of a house usually defines its structure and mood. Different types of sofas and chairs will determine how you will converse and use the space in living rooms. As a rule of thumb, you should have comfortable pieces of furniture. Choosing furniture can be pretty challenging because of the numerous factors you have to consider: durability, comfort, design, colour, and the type of material used. 

The arrangement of your sofas, chair, and the table will also go a long way in ensuring your house meets your standards. However, having the best type of furniture will not guarantee you will have a stunning result. Therefore, you need to work on different arrangement options for your house. 

If your living room doubles up as the dining room, you can still achieve that wow factor by choosing the right pieces of furniture. In this case, you can select a few pieces of sofas, coffee table, dining table, and several pieces of velvet knocker chairs to complete your furniture set. 

Here are some of the unspoken rules of arrangement that will give your living room a stunning look:

  • Arrange your sofas in a way that will allow people to converse while looking at each other. The sofas or chairs should be across each other
  • Always space your furniture such that each seat is easily accessible. You should work on having a 1-metre walkway for ease of moving around the room
  • Do not have all your sofas and chairs against the wall. Have at least one piece of sofa further away from the wall. It will utilise the centre of the room, thus giving it structure and body
  • Always have a table or two in your living. Each seat should be accessible to a table where you can put drinks, food, or books during your interactions. Small glass tables are best for smaller houses since they will use a smaller space but still have the visual appeal
  • Use an appropriate amount of furniture and ensure you space them well for an excellent visual appeal. It would help if you also considered how you would blend in the colour of different furniture pieces
  • Ensure that your living room path’s into and out of the area are clear and free of any furniture. Your conversation area should also be calm and relaxed to avoid interruptions

Your living room sets the tone and mood of the house. So, personalise your living room with these great dos and don’ts. You will make more use of your items with these arrangement tips, proving the difference in quality.  

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    Nice article, Sarah. Styling the living room is always difficult. It is because there are a lot of choices to choose from. One needs to understand different combinations of styles and colors in order to decorate the home.

    Your article is helpful. Many people will find this useful. Thank you very much.

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