Dating ideas and how to find love this summer

Dating can be really scary and daunting, especially if, like me, you haven’t dated for a while. Meeting someone for the first time can be so nerve-wracking, as you just want to make a good impression on your date, so take the stress out of dating with my top tips!

Dating couple holding hands and kissing

Enjoy outdoor dating

Make the most of the incredible sunny days we have been experiencing recently and plan an outdoor date. There are so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors and have a fun date as well.

  • Picnic in the park
  • Lido day
  • Walk in the countryside
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Beach day
  • Explore a new city together

For those of you who love something different and quirky, you could plan a day at the zoo, a theme park or even an outdoor escape room experience!

Make use of online dating

Throughout the last 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions, technology and virtual dating has become more and more popular for meeting and getting to know new people, and there is no reason why online dating cant still be used for dating now that restrictions have eased. Sites like Berkshire dating site are a great way to meet someone new and get to know more about that person virtually, and when you feel comfortable and ready, you can then meet in real life for that first date.

Berkshire dating site and other online dating platforms just makes it so easy to meet and get to know new people before going for that first date, and for me this is such a massive plus point.

Spend time getting to know each other

When you have made that connection with someone using online dating, make sure you spend some time really getting to know each other. Chat online, ask questions about each other and find out more about each other’s likes and dislikes. This will not only help you to decide if they are the right person for you and you want to meet them for a date, but if you do decide to go on a date, you will have broken the ice before meeting each other in real life. Hopefully less first-date nerves, and more of a fun date full of chatter and laughter.

Embrace the freedom we have again

With pretty much all of the covid restrictions now lifted, enjoy being able to do all the different fun things on a date that we could only dream of for the last 18 months. Enjoy a fun night of dinner and cocktails together, a cinema or theatre date, or even if the mood takes you, a night of fun and letting your hair down with some cheesy dancing at a club. Embrace the freedom we now have and enjoy some fun dates – but please do be sensible and take personal responsibility in terms of wearing a mask (obviously, this is your own personal choice) and using a hand sanitiser.

Relax and have fun

Dating and meeting new people at any time can be a scary and sometimes a little daunting. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and get too caught up in feeling stressed and worried to actually enjoy getting to know the other person. Relax, enjoy getting to know someone, have a laugh and most importantly – have fun!

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