Blog Tour: One Summer Sunrise by Shari Low

Title: One Summer Sunrise

Author: Shari Low

Genre: Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


As the sun rises on a hot summer’s day, four lives are about to be changed forever…

Brand new from the bestselling author of What If?, What Now? and One Day In Summer.

Today, Maisie McTeer decides to track down the ex who jilted her at the altar. Today, she’ll find out that revisiting the past can also rewrite her future. 

After losing her husband, Harriet Bassett can no longer bear her lonely life. Today, a familiar face in a crowd will spark a quest to discover if there’s something and someone worth living for. 

Scott and Kelly Bassett’s daughter is leaving home. Today, Scott plans to tell Kelly that he’s ending their marriage to pursue his rock and roll dreams. 

However, Kelly, has a bombshell of her own. How will Scott react to the news that a new arrival is on the way to fill their empty nest? 

Between sunrise and sunset, there’s love, heartbreak, laughter and tears, but who will find happiness at the end of the day?

My Review

This story features several main characters and their stories which take place across one single day during the summer. A day which for all of the characters changes their lives dramatically. The book almost follows a ‘Love Actually’ style, where the characters stories are individual to them, but almost end up intertwining together during the course of the book.

First we are introduced to Maisie. She is 25 and is an actress/singer from Glasgow. Maisie was jilted at the alter two months prior to the beginning of the story by her fiancé Nathan. Her two friends are about to have a baby, so Maisie fills in as a caterer for an event that is hosted by Maisy’s friend, Carny.

Next we are introduced to Scott Bassett, a 38-year-old, has decided he does not like the direction his life has gone. Scott is trying to figure out how to leave his wife and quit his job. Scott loves his 22-year-old daughter, Carny, he is not thrilled with his past. He and his best friend Carson are both attending the event Carny is hosting.

The third character is Kelly Bassett, the 38-year-old mother of Carney and wife of Scott. She and Scott have been together since they were 16 when she was pregnant with Carny. Kelly finds out that she is pregnant, but she is not sure how to react and how to tell Scott.

The final character in the story is Harriet Bassett. She is a lonely 80-year-old woman who is recovering from a hip injury. After losing both her husband and her son in the past and no known family connections, she is struggling a lot with daily life. Each of the characters journey is so well written and I absolutely loved following them as the story develops. One Summer Sunrise is such a beautifully written story with incredible emotion and heartwarming moments throughout.

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