Clever Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

Many people put a great deal of effort and money into moving home because they are convinced they need more space. The funny thing is that this is not always the reality of the situation. In fact, sometimes with some clever changes to the inside of your home, you can create all the additional space you need, without the hassle of moving. Keep reading for some suggestions on how.

space saving in your living room

One room – multiple purposes

First of all, if you can use one room for two or more purposes then you definitely should. For example, a good combination is often a guest room mixed with an office. The reason being that you need neither room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it just makes sense to combine them. 

Such a combination is pretty easy to achieve as well as you can add a sofa bed down one side of the room, and a desk along the wall of the other. You may wish to choose a desk that folds away to provide more space when you are using the area as a guest room. You can even get sofa beds that have space behind them or drawers underneath to store the bedding while not in use. 

Of course, not everyone may require a home office, but this setup works equally as well as a dressing and makeup room, an art studio, and even a craft room. Just adjust the desk space and storage as necessary.

Add an extension

Another smart way to create more space in your home is to add an extension. This is one of the more expensive and high effort options though, and you can expect at least some destruction to your everyday life until your extension is completed. 

However, many people think the trade-off involved for the extra space is worth it, especially as adding more square footage in the form of an extra bedroom, adding to the kitchen or even conservatory will add value to your home when you come to sell it.

Try the kids with room sharing

If you have kids you may be able to free up more space in your home by getting them to share a room. This can work particularly well when they are past the toddler stage, but not yet at the age when they need a room of their own. 

Of course, for this to be a successful change you will need to make their shared room as comfortable and exciting as possible. Luckily, there are some wonderful products like these Cuckoolands bunk beds now on the market that provide space for two individual sleepers. Oh, and their whimsical designs are a lot of fun too!

Minimise clutter

Last, of all, the most straightforward way of creating more space in your home is to minimize clutter. In fact, by ridding your property of items you no longer use you can often find the living space that you so desperately need. 

With that in mind, give one of the new decluttering trends a go, and remember to donate, recycle, or throw away as much stuff as possible to maximize your space!

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