New Beauty Products I’ve been Loving Recently

I realised I haven’t posted much beauty content on my blog in quite a long time now, so I thought I’d start sharing some of my favourite beauty products with you all. I will try and do this every month and share with you some of my favourites from that month. So here are my current favourite beauty products, and why you need to try them.

my favourite beauty products for this month

Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Essential Ceramides

I have recently become a member of Beauty Pie, which I am already loving and I cant wait to share more of my Beauty Pie favourites with you all. I added these Superactive Capsules to my basket as soon as I saw them on the website and I am so happy I did. Each of these capsules is packed full of essential ceramics to leave your skin packed full of moisture and hydration. I use one capsule every night massaged into my face and neck and then follow with my night cream. My skin feels so smooth and looks glowy and fully hydrated.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops

Another Beauty Pie favourite is the Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops. These drops are incredible and have been an amazing addition to my skincare routine. I use 2 or 3 drops every morning as part of my skincare routine. The look and feel of my skin is so much smoother, even and brighter. My breakouts are becoming less and the overall appearance of my skin has improved.

Clarol Silver Serum (* gifted beauty product)

I guess like most of us recently, my skin has taken a battering from having to wear a face mask. I have been getting a lot more breakouts around my chin area, which is the result of wearing my face mask a lot. This serum is designed to rebalance the skins flora and help to reduce breakouts. The Clarol Silver Serum contains a special silver ingredient which works on killing the bad bacteria on the skin, whilst helping to promote the good skin bacteria. I have been using this serum as part of my skincare routine to help with any breakouts and it really has helped keep breakouts under control and my skin looking so much healthier.

Kalme Night repair Cream (* gifted beauty product)

I have suffered with very red skin on my face for several years now. Sometimes it can be so bad that whatever foundation I use, just doesn’t cover the redness. This cream contains caper extract to help combat and repair the multiple symptoms of rosacea. I have added the Kalme Night Repair Cream into my daily skincare routine, and I can definitely see a big improvement in the redness of my skin. For anyone suffering with rosacea type symptoms, give this a try, it really does help.

Which beauty products have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments.


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