Will we still be online dating in 2021?

The last year really has been a crazy time for all of us. We have coped with multiple lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, meaning that for many of us, we haven’t been able to see family, friends and loved ones, let alone thinking about dating again and meeting new people. With restrictions beginning to slowly ease allowing us to meet people outside now, and with more restrictions easing over the next 2 months, life can return to a level of normality again, although it will be a very ‘new’ normal for all of us. Will the ‘new normal’ still include online dating and virtual dating?

I think the one thing all of us single guys and girls are wondering is what will dating be like once lockdown restrictions ease and life begins to return to normal. For now, dating with social distancing restrictions in place just needs a bit more planning and thought than usual. But, don’t let that put you off having a have a fun date and getting to know someone new. Here are some ways to date safely, within current restrictions, but still have fun.

Man and woman on a date having met online dating

Picnic in the park

With outdoor meet-up’s now allowed again, a date outside is one of the safest ways to meet. Especially as we are now having some really lovely spring weather, there is nothing better than enjoying spending some time with your date outdoors. There are loads of great ways to enjoy the outdoors and have a fun date as well. A picnic in the park, a walk in the countryside or even a beach date are all great ideas. With restrictions easing even further throughout May and June, this opens up so many more options for fun date days out – you also could enjoy a socially distanced day at the zoo or even at a theme park!

Make use of online dating

Technology and virtual dating has become one of our best friend during the last year of multiple lockdowns. Allowing us to virtually meet and get to know someone, when real dates have just not been possible. Sites like Bristol Dating are a great way to meet someone new and get to know more about that person virtually. Online dating sites including Tinder, Bumble and Bristol Dating Site have seen a huge rise in users since the first lockdown happened, which has continued throughout this second lockdown period as well.

I believe online dating will still be as important for meeting new people, even once all lockdown restrictions have ended. Online dating makes it so easy to meet and get to know new people before going for that first date, and for me this is such a massive plus point.

Virtual Date Nights

Technology can be used in other ways as well. Video calls on Zoom or WhatsApp offer great ways to keep in touch with your date if you are not able to see each other. Set up virtual date nights – dress up like you would for a real-life date, order a takeaway for each other, settle down with a glass of your favourite drink and your laptop. Chat, laugh, ask each other questions, and really get to know each other – just like you would on a real-life first date.

Enjoy Yourself and Relax

Dating at any time can be a scary and daunting prospect, without the added complications of social distanced dating! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and get too caught up in feeling stressed and worried to actually enjoy getting to know the other person. Relax, enjoy getting to know someone, have a laugh and most importantly – have fun!

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