It’s time to get social again . . .

With lockdown restrictions easing further from tomorrow, restaurants, cafes and pubs are being allowed to open for outdoors hospitality only. And keeping everything crossed, hospitality can fully open from mid-May. Is anyone else as excited as me about being able to start being social and going out for dinner and drinks again?

Restaurant set up with tabes and lighting

Throughout the pandemic and the UK lockdowns, I have missed so many important milestones and events. These would usually have been marked by celebrating with family and friends over dinner and cocktails. Family birthdays, my Mum’s 70th birthday, my best friend’s 30th birthday, my new home, and most recently my new job. All of these special moments would have been celebrated with the most important people in my life, good food and plenty of alcohol!

2021 is looking to be the year when we can make plans to catch up on all those missed celebrations. If you are looking for some inspiration for some incredible places to catch up on those special missed lockdown moments, then Square Meal is the place for you! Square Meal offer a range of different options from booking a restaurant for a special celebration, to trying your hand at some restaurant inspired recipes and cocktails! One of the best features I have found that Square Meal offer is their options for private dining restaurants. What an incredible and very special way to catch up on all those missed celebrations over the last year.

Socialising is back on the menu

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

I am so excited that we can finally start planning fun social things again. Meeting up with friends for coffee, cocktails or dinner is a really important part of my life. One which I have missed so much the last year throughout lockdown, and can’t wait to start socialising again! I love using the Square Meal website to read reviews of restaurants and bars, as well as using the booking and reservations feature of the website. Table booked in one easy click!

We can all start to get excited about weekends again. Diaries with blank page after blank page will start filling up with coffee dates, dinner and drink dates, and I can not tell you how happy that makes me. When you are a social person, not being able to see friends and family really hits hard. It has been the toughest part of lockdown for me, and I have really struggled with the isolation and loneliness. Being around people is so important for me, whether that be family, friends or work colleagues, and I have realised that more than ever now that we haven’t been able to see people.

But all that will change from tomorrow, and with restrictions easing even more in May, I plan to be making up for lost time and all those missed special moments. 2021 really is going to be a much better year than 2020 was. So I say, let’s all celebrate to 2021 and making up for lost special moments. Now what an earth am I going to wear!

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