8 Essential Items Every Person Needs In Their Medicine Cabinet

Everyone has experienced an instance where something happens and you need something that isn’t in your medicine cabinet. Even though there is no way you can predict what may happen in order to have absolutely everything, having the essentials may go a long way when you find yourself in a sticky situation. In this instance, you need to be prepared for many possible outcomes, but, more importantly, you need to have the right medicine and devices to keep yourself safe and healthy. Listed below are eight essential medical items you could need at any possible time.

Pink and grey medicine tablets


First up, the good old-fashioned pain killer; this is a must in anyone’s medicine collection and serves an abundance of purposes. From headaches to inflamed muscles, painkillers will give you a sense of relief most of the time. Some painkillers have anti-inflammatory properties, while others simply serve to subdue the pain.


Everyone likes getting outside from time to time and letting their adventurous side have some time in the sun – this might cause minor injuries now and again. Being prepared for these instances includes having a disinfectant to clean small wounds and scratches. This is essential as even the tiniest of wounds can cause an infection if not properly cleaned.

Eye Drops 

You know the feeling when your eyes get all dry and irritated? Well this happens much more regularly than you know, and you need to have the necessary solutions for when it happens to you in order to prevent any damage caused by rubbing your eyes continuously. Having dry and irritated eyes can be of significant discomfort and could arise from a variety of reasons. The best way to treat itching and scratching dry eyes is with viscotears for dry eyes for fast and effective results.

Tweezers and Scissors

The list of what a pair of tweezers and scissors can be useful for is endless. Whether you need a pair of scissors to cut bandage or tweezers for a stubborn splinter or piece of glass. Splinters can similarly penetrate your skin, and having no way of removing it can be daunting. Ensure your medicine cabinet is equipped with a pair of tweezers and scissors for more minor injuries.

Bandages and Plasters

A bandage or a plaster is an excellent means of keeping a wound clean during the process of healing, so try and keep your bandages and plasters stocked up. Especially if you’re a particularly clumsy person, wounds can get infected really easily and very quickly, so it’s a go to should you acquire a wound that needs to be kept clean.

Ice Packs

When muscles are injured in any way, whether sprained, strained, or pulled, it starts swelling up; this is caused by inflammation. It is your body’s way of protecting itself from further injury. Having ice packs ready for pulled muscles is an excellent means of reducing inflammation and pain. It will also be beneficial to apply some cold to your injury regularly.


Our skin is one of our most important organs; it’s also the largest organ and the easiest to damage. If you regularly spend time in the sun, it’s essential to keep your skin safe with a decent SPF 35 sunscreen. This ensures you won’t have to deal with severe sunburn later on.


This is a device that will instantly let you know when you are unwell. Sometimes, we try to convince ourselves that we’re fine even if it’s clear we’re not. You’re body, however, can’t lie and will immediately flare up when it’s trying to fight a virus or ailment. You also can’t feel your own temperature, so having a thermometer around will always be a huge help and immediate indication if something’s up.

The most important thing to remember is that no one can take better care of you than yourself (except a doctor). This is why your health should always be your number one priority. Having a readily stocked medicine cabinet will also prevent late-night drives to the drug store, seeing as you’ll have everything you need to treat those small accidents or minor flu’s. After all, your body does a lot for you everyday, the least you can do is look after it properly!

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