Things I am adding to my March Goals

Welcome to my March goals. So, I know I haven’t actually shared any of my other monthly goal posts yet this year. I am not going to lie, I have really struggled with this third (and hopefully final) lockdown. I have felt so unmotivated and lacking drive and passion to really focus on anything. A lot of my time has been taken up with the one positive thing that has been going on in my life – my new home.

How is everyone feeling about the roadmap out of lockdown? I am feeling a lot more optimistic about 2021 now. Hope you are all safe and well and been doing ok?

Woman sitting and planning March goals


Blogging really has taken a bit of a back seat for me since the end of last year. I have really struggled with motivation and passion to actually sit down and write any posts. I am using the start of a new month to try and get back to my normal posting schedule again.

Maintain my regular posting schedule

We are at the start of a brand new month, so now is the perfect time for me to get back into regularly posting content again. I would really love to post 3 times a week through March, as I have so many fantastic ideas of content I want to share with you all. Sunday and Wednesday will still be my posting days, and if you guys are very lucky, there will be a third post on a Friday or Saturday.

Plan my content

I used to be so good with planning my content in advance, so I knew exactly what I wanted to post and when. I have become quite lazy with any sort of blog admin. From this month onwards, I want to plan all my content, so I can be more organised with my blog. This will also help me when I am having a busy time – I will always have content to post.

Work on my Social Media

I have tried to be more active across my social media channels, but again, with working full-time, I have been finding it hard to be consistent. I love sharing fun and positive things across all my social media. Hopefully, you will see me more on social media, especially Instagram. I have always struggled a bit with talking on Stories and now with Reels being introduced, but I know it’s such a great way for my followers to get to know me. So, you may get to see my ugly mug on my Stories soon!


This third lockdown has been so much harder for me than any of the others. I think a lot of other people are feeling the same as well. Hopefully, now we have the roadmap of how lockdown is going to end, things should start to improve – even a staycation in the UK is looking possible now! Spring is almost here and 2021 is starting to look like it could be a much better year than we all thought it could be. Now is the perfect time to work on my March goals.

Look after my mental and physical health

I haven’t really been taking care of myself very well the last few months. A combination of moving home in lockdown, and working full-time has really taken its toll on both my physical and mental health. I have not been thinking about diet or exercise at all and I am feeling really bad about myself at the moment.

Lockdown restrictions easing can’t come soon enough, and I can’t wait for my gym to re-open. I am not very good at a lot of sports or exercise, but I am good at swimming. Once I can get back into a regular routine of going to the gym and swimming, I will feel a lot happier again. I have also been toying with the idea of starting running, so I may have a look at that when the weather is a bit nicer.

Enjoy a more relaxed morning routine

Working full-time means my mornings are not very relaxed, and always a bit of a rush. I am trying to make my weekend mornings a lot more relaxed. Carving out a bit more time for me to read, plan my week and write in my journal, and just spend a bit more time enjoying a slower start to the mornings.

Write in my journal

I want to make sure that I use my Positive Planner journal, which is a guided journal dedicated to self-care, positivity and gratitude every day throughout March. Using my  Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter every morning to create my daily To Do list has really helped me to get as organised as possible – I love ticking things off at the end of the day!

Have you set yourself any goals for March or any goals you want to achieve for 2021? Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to achieve in the last few months of this year.

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