5 Things I learnt from 2020

Happy New Year everyone! I know I sound exactly like everyone else, but how can it possibly be the start of a new year? I think it’s fair to say that 2020 really was a year that none of us will ever forget. The year that made us all slow down and take stock of our lives. The year that everything we saw as ‘normal’ became things we just couldn’t do anymore – see family and friends, go out for dinner or even something as simple as coffee and a catch up with friends were all on the restricted list. 2020 was the year when people suffered so much loss in so many ways – the tragic loss of life in such huge numbers, loss of jobs, loss of livelihoods, loss of incomes and loss of homes.

However, despite the hard times, 2020 offered us all the opportunity to take time to think about our lives and the way in which we lived our lives. The opportunity to learn so much about ourselves. Living through the pandemic and 2020 gave me the opportunity to reflect on the things I am truly grateful and positive to have in my life, so here are 5 things I’ve learnt from 2020.

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Always be grateful for what you have

Never more has this been so important. I am always so grateful for everything I have in my life – a good job, a home to live in and most importantly amazing family and friends. 2020 saw so many people have their lives turned upside down. Families being torn apart with devastating loss. People losing their jobs, worrying about how they are going to manage to pay bills and stay safe. I am so incredibly grateful for being safe in a job, being healthy and having the most amazing family and friends.

Surround yourself with the most amazing people

2020 made me realise how lucky I am to have such incredibly supportive and amazing family and friends. I know they are always there for me, and I have missed being able to spend time with them as much as usual through 2020. For me, it is so important to have people in my life who I know will always be there for me and support me in everything I do.

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing

For many of us, 2020 bought change in so many different ways – with so many things that we just couldn’t control. A pretty major thing happened for me towards the end of last year. A really good thing, but it means a lot of change in my life – which is something that I usually struggle with. However, I think living through the pandemic allowed me to look at things very differently. And now I am really looking forward to 2021 and living my life in a much different way than I have become used to.

Do whatever makes you happy

Whatever they were, we all found our coping mechanisms last year. None of us had ever experienced living life through a pandemic, so finding ways to cope and to feel positive with the pandemic and lockdown was super important. For me, listening to music, reading and writing in my journal have all been ways I have found to help myself cope and feel better about the situation. 2020 was so tough and we all needed ways to escape from everything that was going on, whatever way makes you happy. If travel is your thing, head over to Tantrums to Smiles Blog, and read all about the destinations that the lovely Jess wants to travel to after lockdown.

Enjoy time on your own

2020 saw so many of us spending more and more time alone, without family and friends. I never really enjoyed my own company too much before the pandemic, but working from home and not being able to see friends or family, meant I spent a lot more time on my own. I know that being alone is very difficult for some people, but I have become a lot more used to it now, and have actually gotten to a stage where I feel comfortable and happy spending time with me, myself and I.

I’m wishing you all a happy new year. Let’s hope 2021 will be a better one. Did you learn anything about yourself through 2020? Let me know in the comments.

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