Get that Hotel feeling at home

Have you ever thought that it might be fun to live in a hotel? It’s definitely great to enjoy that break when you don’t have to cook or clean, and you can even get things brought to your room for you. But you can’t be in hotels all the time, even if you might want to. When you aren’t able to get away, you could still enjoy that hotel feel by turning your home into a relaxing, stylish paradise. You can also get the best of both worlds, with the glamour and comfort of a hotel but the personal feel of your own home.

To get that hotel feeling at home, try these methods of sprucing up your bedroom and giving it some hotel glamour.

Beautiful hotel room and bed with cushions

Smarten Up Your Bed

When you look at hotel beds, you’ll notice that a lot of them keep it simple, in terms of style. The most important thing is the comfort of the bed, although it still has to look good. White is usually the colour of choice because white sheets can be washed easily, they look clean, and they can easily be matched with other colours if you want to add a bed runner or some colourful pillows.

To make sure your bed is comfortable, take a look at the mattresses used by hotels, as well as hotel duvets and pillows. Hotels will often choose the best quality out there, but many of them look for a good balance between quality and price too. This can help you to put together a bed that’s just as comfortable as any hotel bed.

Go with Minimalism

Some hotels do have more of a quirky feel, where you can find all kinds of knick-knacks and objets d’art. However, if you want to make your hotel look like more of a standard luxury or even chain hotel than an interesting boutique, the thing that you want to go for is minimalism. Too much clutter will ruin the effect that you’re going for, so it’s a good idea to tidy up and try to keep things minimal as much as possible. That doesn’t mean getting rid of all decoration and home accessories, but try not to go overboard.

Install Lighting in the Right Places

Another thing that hotels often get right is the lighting. There are lights in different places around the room for different purposes. The lighting can enhance the mood but it can also make sure you can see what you’re doing. Instead of just having lights right above you, consider where else to have lighting around your bedroom. It could be at the sides of your bed or above your nightstands, under the bed, on the walls or over your desk. Think about how to create the right mood with your choice of lights.

Hotel bed with throw and cushions

Choose a Couple of Colours

Starting with a neutral base is a good idea, not just for your bed but for the rest of your bedroom too. But hotels will then usually add some colour, whether it’s a single accent colour or a couple of different colours that bring the room to life. A hotel will often choose its brand colours, but you can use whatever you like. Two or three colours is probably the maximum that you want to use, and you don’t want to use too much or have anything clash. Experiment with some different patterns and textures too.

Hang Some Art

Putting up art can give your bedroom a hotel feel too, but it also allows you to personalise your room. You won’t just have generic art that’s chosen to enhance the hotel’s brand. Instead, you can choose art that says something about you. Keep minimalism in mind when you choose your art too. The art itself doesn’t have to be simple, but you should avoid going overboard. You don’t want too many things on the walls or it could all look a bit too cluttered and busy.

Consider Your Window Dressings

Your bedroom might not have floor-to-ceiling windows like some hotel rooms have, but you can still make the most of the windows that you do have. Choosing the right window dressing can help to give your bedroom a hotel feel. Some hotels go for luxurious curtains. Blackout curtains help to make your bedroom darker, and you can layer another fabric on top. For ultimate luxury, you could even consider electric blinds. You can move them up and down with the touch of a button.

Turn your bedroom into a hotel paradise and you can always have the luxury of feeling like you’re on holiday.

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