Finding Love at Christmas, and the Coronavirus Pandemic

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I think it’s fair to say that we have all ridden the ‘Corona-Coaster’ throughout 2020. With lockdowns and social distancing now very much part of our everyday lives, every single thing about the way we live has been affected by the pandemic. None more so than dating and finding love. It almost seems like a whole other world when meeting someone and going on a date actually meant getting ready and leaving the house! And not a Zoom call in sight!

For now, lockdown dating is a very different ball-game and needs a bit more planning and thought than usual, but that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still have fun getting to know someone local to you. Check out my top tips on making lockdown dating as fun and enjoyable as possible this Christmas.

Love in Lockdown

Ok, so most people’s idea of a fun date night would be dinner or drinks in a cocktail bar. With lockdown restrictions in place at the moment, meeting people inside (a bar, restaurant, etc.) is just not possible. You also have to take into consideration the social distancing rules in place, meaning you have to be 2 metres apart from each other. So, what can you actually do on a date?

Winter Walks

Wrap up warm, grab a hot chocolate, and meet your date in your local park for a nice long walk. You will have plenty of time to chat, ask questions, and get to know more about each other. Being outside and getting some fresh air at this time of year can also help to improve mental health and anxiety, which I think, we all have experienced at some point this year, especially at the moment with the dark and cold weather.

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Virtual Dates

For most of us, virtual dating is still the way forward for now. With lockdown restrictions in place and the very cold weather, ‘real-life’ dating at the moment is quite limited to the odd walk in the park together – socially distanced, of course. So, we turn to everyone’s new best-friend through the pandemic – Zoom! Virtual dating can still be fun – you just need to get a bit creative. If you wanted something more relaxed then you can both order a takeaway and have a nice easy chat over your food, and a glass or two of wine. Or, if you wanted something a bit more entertaining then you can create some quizzes for each other – this will help you to get to know each other better. Who says you can’t fall in love over a laptop screen?

Go Local

If you are using a dating app to meet someone new, make sure you are realistic with how far you are happy to travel to see that person. Unless of course, you’re happy to travel quite a distance from where you live, there isn’t much point in chatting and getting to know someone on the other side of the country! So, for all you Gloucestershire singles out there, check out this Gloucestershire dating site, and get chatting with someone local to you, and once restrictions ease, having a ‘real-life’ date will be so much easier to arrange for both of you.

Feel the connection

With social distance measures in place, being intimate with your date is just not possible at the moment. But, that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from building a connection with that person. In fact, use this time to really get to know each other. Create that deep and meaningful connection. Get to know each other. Ask lots of questions. Laugh a lot together. Eye contact and laughter are two really important ways of showing connection without the need for actual physical touch. Taking the extra time now to get to know someone will help to create a much deeper connection. When social distancing rules allow, the physical connection will be so much better and enjoyable.

Less Pressure

Dating at any time can be a scary and daunting prospect, without the added complications of socially distanced dating! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. With many of us doing virtual dating, it should hopefully take the pressure off a little bit. Relax in your own home with your own comforts around you, and enjoy this time of getting to know someone new., so when we are able to see people again, you will already have developed that connection. Have fun, be yourself, and relax. Yes, this might be dating in very unusual circumstances, but you never know what might happen – give it a try – you might just find love in the least expected way!

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