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Painting Bananas Book Cover

Title: Painting Bananas

Author: Amanda Paull

Genre: Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Two happy couples, one person from each on the verge of change. But as paths cross and plans unfold, will their spouses reveal their true colours?

Alison struggles with insomnia. She also hates her job and fantasizes about throttling her irritating oaf-of-a boss. Thankfully, her lifelong plan to return to university will soon be realized. After supporting her husband in his career for over twenty years, it’s now her turn. He’s rooting for her every step of the way. Or so she thinks.

Meanwhile, Christopher has a wake-up call with his health. Somehow, pre-diabetes has replaced his six-pack. He must take stock immediately. He realises that the perfect solution is right under his nose, and can’t wait to share his brilliant idea with his wife. The future looks good. But does she agree?

Will the spouses show their support? Or will Alison and Christopher start to wonder whether they really know their other halves?

My Review

Alison & Nathan and Christopher & Sandy are the two couples at the heart of this story. Both couples have been married for decades. Both couples are also suffering empty-nest syndrome with their adult children flying the nest. For the first time in a very long time, Alison & Nathan, and Christopher & Sandy have to figure out how to live with just the two of them again.

The story follows both couple’s journey as we see Alison who is struggling with her insomnia, mostly because she hates her job and her boss. Her career dreams were put on hold to be a mum to their twins, but now they are fully grown up and living their own lives, Alison begins to think its time she pushed forward with her own dreams. She knows she has the full support and backing of Nathan. He has always supported her in pursuing her dreams. Or has something changed?

Christopher has a shock when he is told by his GP he has health problems – he is overweight and pre-diabetic. Years of travelling for work have taken their toll on him, and he knows that things need to change. However, his wife Sandy isn’t as keen on the idea of Christopher taking a steady job and being at home more. A chance encounter one day, sees Alison and Christopher chatting and getting to know each other over lunch. A firm friendship is born, and we see the two of them struggle with the inevitable changes in their lives.

Painting Bananas is a lovely heart-warming story about love, taking stock of life, friendship, and fighting for your dreams. I adored the friendship between Alison and Christopher – so real and so heartwarming. A truly lovely read.

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