How To Build Up An Amazing Home Gym For a Small Space

Gym mat and weights

If you are into fitness and exercise, then investing in a home gym should be your thing. It does not matter if you have a small space or a big one. With the right set of equipment, you can easily set up an awesome home gym. The best part about having a home gym is the flexibility you get. It allows you to follow your routines sincerely without having the need to get out of your home. Furthermore, you can simply play loud music, workout and focus on your exercises. If you find it difficult to stick to a routine, a home gym is the best solution that you can come up with. When you have your own gym, you save a lot of time travelling back and forth to the gym and getting stuck in traffic! 

Full Portable Exercise Equipment Reveal 

Are you wondering how to set up a home gym in a small space? The right set of equipment will give your home gym the complete look. These pieces of portable equipment are here to save your day.

1. Mini Resistance Bands 

Woman exercising with resistance band

One of the most versatile pieces that you should own are mini resistance bands. They are easily portable and can be stored away with ease. Resistance bands are used for strength training. They are very affordable and are good for exercising. Furthermore, it is a convenient option for people of all ages. This is a super cost-effective tool which if used correctly, can help you train. The bands are available in a variety of different resistance levels. In addition, you can also adjust the resistance while working out. There are many resistance bands that come with recommended exercises that target every muscle in your body. Finally, they are a great solution for people who don’t have much space at home.

2. Heavy Kettlebells


If you are looking for muscle endurance, then heavy kettlebells is your answer. The heavier your kettlebell, the higher muscle endurance you can achieve. They can be used for a number of different purposes like flexibility, strength, endurance and balance training. Since they are quite small in size, you can store them easily too. Furthermore, they are portable as well.

In addition, heavy kettlebells are known to boost stability and core strength. It is known to improve your coordination and body awareness. It not only forces your brain to focus but also makes you completely aware of your body. You can perform serious fat burning workouts with these kettlebells. They help you to build lean muscle. Kettlebells help you to improve your overall flexibility and weaknesses. If you do not have much space in your home gym, get a heavy kettlebell as they are quite compact. 

3. Mini Trampolines

Exercising on a trampoline

Another fun exercise equipment that is perfect for homes is a mini trampoline. As fun as they sound, they are also really helpful in performing your exercise routine. They have a number of benefits that will help you stay fit and fine as ever. Using mini trampolines to work out is known to increase the lymphatic flow in the body. In addition, it also helps in the cleansing and detoxification of the body. It also builds your inner strength and boosts your immune system. You can perform a variety of different exercises with mini-trampolines. They are an excellent way to lose weight as well.

Mini trampolines help you burn fat much easier compared to other exercises. Helping in boosting the cardiovascular system and energy levels as well. Finally, you can come across many mini trampolines that are perfect for an indoor space. 

4. Dumbbells

Woman exercising with dumbbells

Dumbbells are a good alternative to kettlebells. If you prefer dumbbells over kettlebells, that’s totally your choice. However, it is important to include some kind of heavyweight training in your exercise. You can achieve mass goals and serious strength if you train with dumbbells. These portable pieces of exercise equipment are a great investment. They are pretty small in size and can be stored away after use.

In addition, they have a number of benefits that you should know. Dumbbells are an excellent choice for bicep formation. There are a number of different exercises that you can perform with dumbbells and they are one of the safest options for people with home gyms. Furthermore, they are super affordable and one of the must-haves for home gyms. 

5. Exercise Ball

Woman exercising with exercise ball

Exercise balls are also commonly known as physioballs. Using an exercise ball can be a great addition to your fitness routine. There are many different exercises you can do using an exercise ball and will add the right amount of fun to your workout sessions. You can use them to improve your core strength, balance and stability. In addition, you can also use it to stretch and strengthen your body.

This is one essential piece of fitness equipment that you require. You can perform various exercises and add a fun element to your workouts. Try performing squats on the exercise ball that is great for your lower body and spine. 

6. Foam Roller

Woman stretching on a mat

A Foam roller can have a variety of health benefits. They are known to improve flexibility and helps to ease pain in the muscles. They help to release tension or soreness from the muscle. The foam roller can be an effective equipment that you can add to your warm-up or cool-down session. You can either use it before a workout or after as well. In addition, it also helps to boost your range of motion.

In order to get the best results using the foam roller, you can stretch o it after every workout. This will help your body and muscles cool down after a heavy training session. Furthermore, there are many studies that suggest that foam rollers are great to ease back pain. In addition, it also helps you relax. They are quite compact in size which makes them portable as well as easy to store. It is a great choice for those who have limited space. 

Here we have listed some of the best portable exercise equipment that you can easily set up in your home gym. However, make sure that you use every equipment the right way. Since you will be performing the routines at home, there will not be anyone to guide you for the same. If you are unsure about any exercise, either get a trainer and learn the right method. Else, you can also look it up online.   Do your research on every equipment and then set up a workout routine for yourself. It is important to plan a program that benefits your body and helps achieve your goals. You can call in a personal trainer or simply have your friend help you with the same. We hope this article helps you choose the best equipment. Happy Fitness!

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