Top 4 Fashion Trends for Fall 2020

I am so excited to have Suzy from The House of Elegance Fashion guest posting on the blog today. Suzy is sharing some of the best fashion trends for Fall 2020.

Not everyone likes to follow fashion trends blindly. Most fashionistas have a thing for runway trends and how these ideas shape up the real world of retail fashion. The covid-19 pandemic may have changed many things for us, and we may have to wait before fashion industry comes to its normal. However, we were lucky that the fall-2020 collections were revealed before the pandemic. This post is dedicated to some of the best trends from Fall 2020. With ideas on how you can convert these runway styles into your closet staples like a true pro

The White Bride

Woman in white floral wedding dress

Some seasons back, it seemed like the white wedding gown was no more an essential. Pastel and bright colours were seen on runways, and wedding designers were open to colours. This year, we see the return of classic white. Brides take notice – wedding outfits are back to white again, and collections of top designers and labels like Vera Wang, Caroline Castigliano, Monique Lhuillier are a proof of that. If you love fall dresses, you can pick white as your colour. View more here to find your pick. 

Cropped Blazers

Image by Cosmopolitan

This is among the innovative trends of 2020, where designers cropped the regular blazer to come up with something entire convincing and appropriate for the fall. The best thing about cropped blazer is the style, which makes it an appropriate choice for fall and summer alike, and you can wear one to work, as well. Check online for a few ideas, and don’t shy away from trying a few colours.

Bra Tops

Image by Cosmopolitan

This trend was visible in summers too, but it seems that the bra top is here to stay. If you don’t mind wearing an outfit that’s slightly revealing, skip the top and wear these bra tops under your jacket, coats and trench coats. This is more appropriate for your dates, or for a party, where you want to make a statement. Bra tops in any colour, and especially quirky prints are definitely worth trying.

Furry Girl

Faux Fur Maxi coat from ASOS
Image by Cosmopolitan

Fur is back in style, and the bigger, oversized your coat, the better. Some of the big names including Valentino, Stella McCartney and Miu Miu worked with fur coats, and these are over the top, big ones that need no accessories or add-ons. If you are not a big fur lover for obvious reasons like animal love, we promise that the faux ones are as attractive. Most online stores have some variety of fur coats in stock, so figure out what works best for you. 

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Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and chief editor for established style blog – The House of Elegance Fashion. Her passion for trends and runway ideas has made her one of the popular bloggers in her niche, and she has contributed to many blogs and online magazines.

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