Things I am adding to my August Goals

Welcome to my August goals. It is actually crazy to think how fast 2020 is going and most of it whilst we have been in lockdown! It’s so great that things are starting to return to a new normal again. We now have to wear face-masks in shops and other places. We now have to get used to wearing face coverings. Hope you are all safe and well and coping ok in these crazy times.

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July has been a bit of a hit and miss month for me. I have really been struggling with motivation. Every time I sit down at my laptop to write a post, I seem to go blank and just can’t get the words out! I have loads of great ideas for posts, which I cant to share with you all. Here’s to a more productive August!

Maintain a regular posting schedule

As I said, July has been a bit of a hit and miss month of posting for me – I have really been lacking in motivation and productivity. Thankfully, I have lots of great ideas for posts and have planned out my content and schedule for August. As I am still furloughed from work, I have planned to post 3 times a week for August. I may drop this back down to twice a week in September, but who knows? Sunday and Wednesday have always been my upload days and that seems to work really well for me, with the third post on a Friday.

Work on my Social Media platforms

I have taken my foot off the pedal in terms of my social media channels throughout July. Spending time working on each of my platforms and engaging with all my followers is so important. I love sharing fun and positive things across all my social media. Again I think with my lack of motivation for my blog, I have also really neglected my social channels. I need to spend some time throughout August working on each of my social platforms. Really engaging with my followers and sharing some fun and positive stuff!


I have been feeling a lot more positive about things throughout July. Lockdown for me, like most of us, has been so hard and more challenging than I thought it would be. It’s been amazing to finally get back to the gym and to see friends again. I haven’t yet ventured into town, but that’s only really because I am trying to save money and there really is nothing I need right now.

Look after myself properly

Self-care is becoming much more of a priority for me and throughout August I will be taking more time for myself. Spending more time on things like meditation, mindfulness and visualisation will really help me to focus. I have been using the Headspace app for meditation and have been really enjoying learning techniques for meditating. I am really looking forward to getting back to a routine with the gym and I have been desperately craving going swimming again.

Maintain my relaxed morning routine

I have been working really hard throughout July to create a more relaxed morning routine. Being on furlough is the perfect time to take a bit of extra time in a morning. Usually I would be rushing to get ready and start work. Creating a more relaxed morning routine for myself is allowing me to take a bit more time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead and helps me feel more productive and motivated.

Write in my journal

With my new more relaxed morning routine, I have been using my extra time in a morning to write in my journal. I have been using my Positive Planner journal, which is a guided journal dedicated to self-car, positivity and gratitude. I recently read a great post by the lovely Jodie on her blog about journaling for self-awareness. If you are new to journaling and looking for a bit of help and guidance, Jodie’s post has some excellent tips on getting started.

Have you set yourself any goals for August or any goals/resolutions for 2020? Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to achieve this year.

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