Fun Ideas for Socially Distanced Dating

Dating during lockdown became a whole new ball-game for us singles. The way we date being so different than what we are all normally used to. Virtual and video dating were the way forward for many of us in the last few months of lockdown. Thankfully, restrictions have now been eased to the point where we can now actually go on a ‘real’ date again. With social distancing measures still needing to be followed. This means that a bit of planning and creativity is needed to make a fun first date or date night.

Man and woman having coffee

Coffee Dates

With most restaurants, bars and coffee shops now open again, meeting your date for a socially distanced coffee is a great date idea. If this is your first ‘real’ date, then meeting for a relaxed coffee can be less intimidating and a lot less pressure for you both. Coffee shops have a real relaxed vibe, so hopefully both of you will feel more relaxed. Allowing for the conversation to flow easily and the biggest bonus to a coffee date – no face mask needed!

Enjoy the outdoors

With outdoor dates being one of the safest ways to meet up with your date, why not enjoy the last few weeks of the summer and enjoy spending some time with your date outdoors. There are loads of great ways to enjoy the outdoors and have a fun date as well. A picnic in the park, a walk in the countryside or even a beach date are all great ideas. With more and more attractions opening up now, you also could enjoy a socially distanced day at the zoo or even at a theme park!

Technology can still be fun

Technology has become a dater’s best friend during lockdown. Allowing us to virtually meet and get to know someone, when real dates were just not possible. Dating sites like Buckinghamshire dating site are a great way to meet and get to know someone virtually. Online dating sites including Tinder, Bumble and have seen a huge rise in users since the lockdown happened.

Technology can be used in other ways as well. Video calls on Zoom or WhatsApp offer great ways to keep in touch with your date if you are not able to see each other.

Really get to know each other

With social distance measures in place, being intimate with your date is just not possible at the moment. But, that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you building a connection with that person. In fact, use this time to really get to know each other. Create that deep and meaningful connection. Get to know each other. Ask lots of questions. Laugh a lot together. Eye contact and laughter are two really important ways of showing connection without the need for actual physical touch. Taking the extra time now to get to know someone will help to create a much deeper connection. When social distancing rules allow, the physical connection will be so much better and enjoyable.

Enjoy and Relax!

Dating at any time can be a scary and daunting prospect, without the added complications of social distanced dating! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Relax, enjoy getting to know someone and most importantly – have fun!

Socially distanced couple on a walk

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