Managing lockdown anxiety with The Positive Planner *(AD|GIFTED)

I don’t know about you, but the last few months in lockdown has felt so unreal. It is actually really hard to process and understand living life through a pandemic. Living through a pandemic is not something that any of us have experienced before. So how do we know what we are supposed to be feeling? The one thing that has helped me to process my emotions and thoughts is journaling. I have been writing in my journal on a daily basis for quite a long time now, but found it even more beneficial during lockdown.

I have many different journals I use, but have really found that a guided journal works so well for me. The prompts within a guided journal really help me to start thinking about my day – the good things as well as the things that have challenged me in the day. I have recently started using The Positive Planner as my daily journal and I absolutely love it. Creators of The Positive Planner, Ali and Finn wanted to empower everyone to make their own mental health a priority. They created a range of exciting, inspirational, beautiful and informative planners and journals, which help promote daily positivity and gratitude.

The Positive Planner

Getting started

When I first opened the journal, I knew I was going to love using it everyday. The bright yellow cover never fails to make me smile as it almost radiates positivity as soon as I pick it up in a morning. Inside, the journal contains motivational quotes and illustrations to help start and guide you on your journaling journey. If you are new to journaling, The Positive Planner provides a tool-kit of mindfulness exercises to help start you off. For me, the ‘mirror, mirror’ and ‘the balloon’ exercises have been incredibly helpful and useful in helping to visualise the life I want to live.

The Positive Planner Weekly Page

The weekly sections of the journal starts with a space for your intentions, and a motivational quote, as well as a weekly shopping list and meal planner. I loved these daily tracking pages, as they help you set your intentions and self-care actions in the morning. You can then spend some time at the end of your day reflecting back. I have really loved using these tracking pages, as even if my day hasn’t gone quite as expected, it’s nice to reflect back on what happened and why.

The Positive Planner Daily Tracking Pages

Is The Positive Planner worth using?

For me, The positive Planner has been such a great addition to my journaling routine. I still free write in my daily journal, but adding in the focus on mindfulness and gratitude from The Positive Planner has been fantastic. I can be guilty of always thinking negatively about myself and situations – my glass is always half-empty. Spending just a few minutes every morning and evening practising gratitude has encouraged me to feel more positive and certainly more grateful. The planner is encouraging and full of positivity. It’s been so lovely to add into my current journaling routine and really has helped me feel much more in control of my emotions throughout this lockdown period.

Positive Planner and Pens

The Positive Planner is currently on sale for £20 (usually priced £24) so this is the perfect time to add some daily mindfulness, positivity and gratitude into your life.

Have you used The Positive Planner before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

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