How to keep a good routine during lockdown

Surviving a global pandemic and lockdown was not quite how any of us saw 2020 going, so how can you ensure you’re taking steps to be happy and bring a bit of peace during this complicated period?  Read on for four easy steps to creating a good routine from checking out online cleaning tips to taking time out to relax.

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1. Give yourself time

The current climate is a weird one for everyone, and whilst we are all weathering the same storm; we are in very different boats. Anxiety and depression can easily begin to creep in and a great way to combat that is finding time to take for yourself… especially if you have children at home with you!

  • Take it slow in the morning. Waking up slowly without immediately reaching for your phone will do wonders for your mental health. Drink a glass of water and allow yourself to breath and gently start the day.
  • Indulge in some self-careThis could be as simple as having a little extra time in the bathroom to enjoy a soak in the bath instead of a quick shower, putting on a face mask, or even having a spa day at home.
  • Plan in some exercise. Whilst in lockdown, we have been lucky to be allowed to take time to exercise outdoors, so make the most of it. Exercise release endorphins into your body which help to reduce stress.

2. Eat (and drink) well

However, don’t forget to indulge every once in a while. Eating healthily is good for your body, as is drinking plenty of water. It will not only help to keep your body in good working order (from hair, to skin to weight and beyond!) but it is good for mental well-being too. However, we all deserve a treat for surviving these strange times… so have something indulgent at the ready, such as a luscious bar of your favourite chocolate.

3. Utilise the extra time at home

Balancing the new routine can be arduous, whether you are working from home, homeschooling children who are not in the years due to return, or even furloughed.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all trying to figure it out, and there is no correct or wrong way of doing things. If one day you’re on top of everything and the next is a lounge-around-in-pyjamas type of day, that’s ok.
  • If you need to work from home, try and find your own space. Having your family at home can mean it’s loud and busy. Work in your bedroom using a dressing table as a desk or such like is a great way to ensure you can get the work done in peace (although if you have children, they’ll probably still find you wanting snacks!)
  • Keep on top of the housework. Whilst this may seem impossible for some (particularly those with children) check out cleaning tips online to stay on top of your home. Small jobs each day will prevent needing to do one huge clean and tidy when it all gets out of hand.
  • Got free time? Get those jobs done! Keeping your mental health on track is important for everyone, so why not keep your mind occupied with those jobs you’ve been planning. Whether it’s the last few boxes you never unpacked, a wall you intended to paint or some pictures you always wanted to hang, lockdown is a great time to get these jobs done.

4. Step away from social media and news outlets

One way to immediately help boost your mental health is to take a break. Whilst keeping abreast of all that is going on is useful, it can also be harmful if it causes anxiety and/or stress. Take a few days away to clear your mind before checking in on it again.

Infographic for Top Tips for a good daily routine

While lockdown can be stressful for many, these tips can help you to maintain a happy, peaceful mind as we take steps towards getting back to normal. Wherever you are, remember you’re doing great. Stay safe!

*This is a collaborative post

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