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Title: New Rules

Author: Lily Hayden

Genre: Chick Lit

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Kate Miller has it all; a glittering career, a wonderful home life and a promotion in the bag. She knows the rules for success, and nothing will stop her from getting to where she wants to be.

Ellie Stephens, on the other hand, can’t catch a break; she’s trapped in a vicious circle of dead-end jobs and red-flag relationships until she’s paired with Kate in their company’s brand-new mentoring scheme.

Ellie just can’t seem to get to grips with Kate’s ruthless recipe for success no matter how hard she tries, leaving her wondering if she’s the problem. Two new men in her life, affable-but-mysterious Freddie and Kate’s drop-dead gorgeous ex Liam try to help her muddle through and figure out how to get ahead.

Meanwhile, Kate’s perfect life is unravelling and where once everything she touched turned to gold, it’s suddenly falling apart. Her work nemesis is throwing obstacles in her way at every turn, her home life is in tatters and her first love is suddenly back in her life. Kate is more confused than ever; is it time to break those rules?

My Review

I really loved this story. I loved following the journey of both lead characters. Kate and Ellie are very strong females characters and I love that their stories take centre stage throughout the story. On paper, Kate and Ellie’s lives are miles apart. Kate is a high-flying career woman, with a wonderful home, husband and children. Ellie, on the other hand, has struggled with dead-end jobs, lack of confidence and and an on-off relationship, which is more off than on.

Things start to change for both of them after Ellie is taken under Kate’s wing in the form of the mentoring scheme at work. Under the guidance of Kate, Ellie starts looking at her life in a very different way. She discovers she wants more in life than she has been settling for. Meanwhile, Kate’s perfect life starts unraveling when her husband James moves out of their family home.

As the story progresses, we see how both Ellie and Kate deal with the rollercoaster of emotions that they are both experiencing. New Rules is a story packed full of great strong female characters, fun, love, laughs, self-discovery and that sometimes rules really are made to be broken!

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