Things I am adding to my July Goals

Welcome to my July goals. I know I say this every month, but how fast has June gone? Finally, lockdown restrictions are being eased, with many restaurants, pubs and leisure facilities opening up within the next few weeks. It is disappointing to hear that gyms and swimming pools are not able to open yet. But hopefully it won’t be too long before they can open again. I have really been craving swimming so badly the last few weeks! Hope you are all safe and well and coping ok in these crazy times.

Diary and Phone


I have fallen back in love with blogging. I am feeling motivated and productive to write, the ideas are flowing and I am excited to be writing again.

Maintain a regular posting scheduled

June has been a bit of a hit and miss month of posting for me. I have managed to get quite a few posts written and posted. The plan I made for my June posts hasn’t quite worked as much as I had planned. I have now been furloughed My routine has always been to post 3 times a week. With working full-time, I was putting too much pressure on myself. I am now aiming to post consecutively twice a week. Sunday and Wednesday have always been my upload days and that seems to work really well for me and for you guys as well.

Work on my Social Media platforms

I feel like I have put more effort into all my social platforms throughout June. I need to carry on like this throughout July. Spending time working on each of my platforms and engaging with all my followers is so important. I love sharing fun and positive things across my. Again I think with my lack of motivation for my blog, I have also really neglected my social channels. I need to spend some time throughout June working on each of my social platforms and really engaging with my followers and sharing some fun and positive stuff!


I think lockdown has been hard for us all. Initially, I didn’t really think that I was struggling with the situation. However, it has become more obvious as the weeks have gone on, that I have been struggling. I am so pleased that the restrictions have lifted and we are able to see people again – socially distanced of course. It has meant the world to me to be able to see and spend time with family and friends again.

Look After Myself

Self-care is becoming much more of a priority for me and throughout July, I will be taking more time for myself. Spending more time on things like meditation, mindfulness and visualisation will really help me to focus. I have really been loving taking a few minutes out each day listening to the incredible Sound Bath’s from The Sound Therapist. Complete and utter relaxation and this has really helped me. I am really excited for when I can get my hair and nails down again, s those small things help me to feel better about myself. The amazing Lady Janey has some great tips and tricks for saving money, but still looking good now that lockdown restrictions are easing.

Create a more relaxed morning routine

My morning routine generally involved me rushing to get ready and start work (whilst I am still working from home). I want to try and create a more relaxed morning routine for myself. That may mean getting out of bed a little earlier and spending some time on things that I enjoy in a morning. I would like to not check my phone first thing in a morning. A quick check can lead me to losing myself in a rabbit hole of checking all my social media. Creating a more relaxed morning routine I think will help me to feel more productive and motivated for my day and the tasks I need to complete.

Write in my journal

Journaling has been a real struggle for me again recently. I am hoping that by creating a more calming and relaxed morning routine, I will begin to enjoy journaling again and want to write. I have been using the Positive Planner recently. This journal is dedicated to self-care, gratitude and positivity. Keep an eye on my blog to find out how I have been getting on with the Positive Planner.

Have you set yourself any goals for July or any goals/resolutions for 2020? Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to achieve this year.

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