Review: Boots Glow Skincare

I was very excited when I recently discovered the new range of skincare from Boots. The Glow collection which launched in April contains 8 products designed to boost the glow and brightness of the skin. And the best bit about this new collection – every product cost just £4.00. So of course I had to give this brand new collection a try! The Glow collection features 8 products designed to refresh and revitalise your skin. Suitable for all skin types and leaves the skin with that sort-after glow we are all desperate for.

Boots Glow Skincare Range

Boots Glow Tonic

Baby pink packaging and sweet sugary scent are just 2 of the reasons why I love this range. The Tonic is designed to smooth the complexion to leave skin with a healthy looking glow. My skin is quite dehydrate at the moment. so I haven’t been using the tonic every day. When I have used it as part of my skincare routine, I can definitely see and feel a huge difference. It feels so fresh when I used it and my skin looked super glowy after.

Boots Glow Essence

My favourite product from the range, the Glow Essence is just so lovely. Designed to hydrate and refresh the skin, leaving it packed full of moisture and looking brighter. I use the Glow Essence every day as part of my skincare routine. I apply 3 drops and massage into my skin before I apply my moisturiser. The difference I can see in my skin is great, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and with a subtle dewy glow.

Boots Glow Moisturising Cream

The Glow Moisurising Cream is perfect to use as a daily moisturiser to leave the skin hydrated and smooth. For me, this is probably my least favourite product in the range. It works perfectly as a moisturiser and does leave my skin hydrated and refreshed, but at the age I am at, I need something a bit more firming in a daily moisturiser and especially at night.

Boots Glow Gel Mask

The Gel Mask works to moisturise the skin, leaving it looking and feeling brighter and more radiant. I have been using the mask once or twice a week and I can honestly say that my skin not only feels more hydrated and fresh after using the mask, but I think it looks smoother and fresher.

Overall, I am really impressed with the products I tried from the Glow collection. The moisturiser isn’t quite right for me, but it still is a good product to use. The star product for me is the Glow essence – I really love this product and will continue to use this as part of my skincare routine on a daily basis. For more tips on how to get glowing skin, Nelly from Womanology has a fantastic post with some amazing hints and tricks to achieve that glowing skin look we all would love.

Have you tried anything from the Boots Glow collection? What is your favourite product and why? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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