How to date while Social Distancing

I am so excited to have the lovely Em from Love Em guest posting on the blog today. Em is sharing some great ideas on how to have fun dates whilst also maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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Whether you’re having your first date or are dating as a couple, social distancing can make your love life 10 times harder than it already is. It can be hard to enjoy a romantic dinner together or watch a movie. Here is some dating advice which can help you master a social distancing date. And ensure you’re asked out again once this is all over! All these ideas can be done whether you live together or not!

Picnic In The Park

As long as you maintain a 2-metre distance, picnics in the park are a go-to date idea. Keep food separate or have each of you bring your own dishes, but enjoy the sun, kick a ball around and enjoy each others company! Picnics are great date ideas, and there are lots of outdoor hotspots that you could sit at. Look at your local National Parks to see if any gardens are open or even head down to the beach. Local parks are another nice place to enjoy a picnic.

Go For A Bike Ride

Keeping active can be made fun when you’re on a date. Biking, skateboarding or roller skating can be fun activities to do on a date. My boyfriend and I like to go down to our local gym car park (as it is empty!) and skate around for hours. It is fun, keeps you active, and you can even enjoy a picnic together afterwards! Bike rides can be romantic, and it will allow you to go to places together without being in the same car. 

Virtual Movie Night

There is a Chrome extension called “Netflix Party” which allows multiple users to watch the same films and TV shows at once. The extension is amazing, and so far, we have had no issues with it. It is like a live stream of one person’s Netflix. I currently have only found one for Netflix, but you can always hit play at once to watch the same movie on other streaming sites. Movies are great date night ideas, especially if you order the same takeaway and make an evening of it!

Take A Trip To The Zoo

Zoos and other outdoor centres are open! If you take separate cars and keep your distance, visiting a zoo would be an amazing day out. There are lots of zoos that are in need right now, so you’d be enjoying the perfect date while saving some cute animals. If a zoo isn’t for you, check your local outdoor centres to see if there is anything that takes your fancy? Perhaps walking around a garden centre is more your thing? Or taking a hike?

Play Games Online Together

Whether you’re playing an Xbox shooter game or a game of friendly mobile Scrabble, there are lots of online games you and your date can play. There are lots of games out there including Scrabble, multi-player game console games, mobile games, Xyzzy, and many more. A game night would be fun for a date as you can keep score of who wins each game. The looser can pay for the next date you go on after lockdown is over!

Go On A Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are one of the latest examples of how technology’s power is limitless. There are so many virtual tours out there. You can visit different countries and their cultural exhibitions, museums, aquariums, theme parks and more! This would make for a fun date as there are lots of places you can visit to appease both parties! These tours can also be really educational, so you can quiz each other later on!

There are 6 date night ideas for you to try while implementing the social distancing rules! There is something on the list for everyone. Social distancing relationships can be hard, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! What are your favourite date night ideas? I’d love to know what dates you have been on and how these rules have affected your love life!

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