3 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

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When blogs first hit the scene back in the 90s, they were commonly used as an online journal. In that reality, traffic was not a cause for concern the way it is to today’s users. In our contemporary society blogging now serves a variety of purposes and it’s become a major source of income.

By individuals, companies, and institutions, blogs are now used as a platform for creating content to promote themselves. Regardless of your reason for blogging, if you are the only one reading the posts, it’s obviously discouraging and can feel like a waste. To guard against that, here are three ways you can increase traffic on your blog.

1. Create Valuable Content

No one is going to visit your blog if they do not stand to benefit anything. You don’t have to hold giveaways every week, simply put out content your readers can learn from or be entertained by. So, when you’re creating content for your blog, think about the purpose it stands to serve. Questions like “is the content entertaining” or “will the readers gain new knowledge after reading” will help steer you in the right direction when writing your next post.

Also, do not overrule the need to outsource. Maybe, the reason you are not getting significant traffic on your blog is not that you don’t have the right ideas, but that you are not the best writer for it. Some people are not good at writing specific topics. This is no reason to completely shy away from them, especially if you understand their relevance to the blog. Instead, outsource to prolific writers who can handle the topics a bit better than you. 

2. Encourage Engagement

The importance of engagement in blogging cannot be overlooked when discussing ways to improve traffic. While replying to your reader’s comments is the traditional way to engage, it is not the only way. You can engage with your readers through social media, visuals, and infusing some personality into your writing. 

Another common way bloggers engage their readers and increase traffic is through email subscriptions. Email subscriptions are helpful because they ensure that your readers do not miss any new post and will be notified through their emails. Even more, you can equally send out customized freebies or discounts to them. However, this will require you to manage your email lists efficiently with the help of sites like https://www.templafy.com/

3. Research on Keywords

Keyword research is significant because they ensure that your blog can be found organically. Many bloggers swear by this trick of the trade, and you should be listening to them because it’s true.

Before creating a blog post, shun laziness and invest time and effort into researching the keywords related to the topic you are about to write. The title of your post should reflect this keyword research and make sure you accompany these posts with fabulous pictures. 

A fabulous picture can also increase your blog’s traffic because when people share the link to your post on social media, the accompanying pictures will show up. If it is not a captivating photo, you are less likely to get clicks.

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