Relationships: Love, Sex and Lockdown

Living our lives in lockdown is our new normal with working from home and not being allowed outside much. This has very much intensified that ‘cabin fever’ feeling for a lot of us. Single or in a relationship – dating, love and sex has been completely altered by the worldwide lockdown. I have been single now for over a year and actually quite happy about not having anyone in my life. That is until lockdown hit us. As the weeks passed without seeing anyone, I realised how much I missed physical contact with someone. I missed having someone special in my life.

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It would appear that I am not the only one feeling this way, with a massive increase in single people signing up to dating apps and online dating. Virtual dating is becoming the way forward for many of us, but if you have never experience online dating before it can be a whole new ball-game, follow my top tips below and make sure you have fun getting to know someone new online until you can meet offline!

Get to know each other

Use the lockdown time to really get to know someone. Take the time to have some real in-depth ‘get to know you’ chats – this could be on the phone or even better FaceTime or Zoom. You can really spend time chatting, having fun, getting to know each other and even getting a bit flirty. Remember the thrill of staying up all night talking and getting to know someone – you can still have that just in virtually.

Get creative with virtual dating

So you cant currently go to a bar, restaurant or cinema for a date, but that doesn’t have to mean virtual dating cant also be fun. Spend time getting ready, just as you would if you were actually going on a date. Grab a glass of wine or a G&T and relax! If that all feels a bit too much for a first date, arrange a coffee date. This can feel less pressured and much more relaxed, plus if the spark isn’t there, it’s much easier to end the virtual date by saying you have to get back to work – from home of course!

Stay away from the ex!

Lockdown has changed all our lives so much and for some of us has made us feel uncertain about ourselves. If you are like me, missing the physical contact of being in a relationship is so hard. We all crave cuddles kisses and sex – we are only human after all. If you are feeling like this, do not make that fatal mistake of contacting your ex. Yes you might know each other and what each other likes in bed, but they are an ex for a reason! Use lockdown time to flirt with new people and as soon as social distancing measures allow, have some fun. The Cardiff sex and Merseyside sex site make it easy to meet others who are looking for some no-strings fun.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you are not enjoying the virtual dating world, remember it is ok to be single and lockdown is a great time to undertake a bit of self-love and self-care and decide exactly what it is you want from a relationship. Take things at your own pace and trust your own feelings. You will know what feels right for you.

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