Life Update: Lockdown life being single

It’s such a tough time at the moment for all of us in the UK and across the world. The UK is just about to start week six in lockdown. With at least several more weeks expected, the pressure of life is starting to be felt by many of us. I am very fortunate in comparison to many other people at the moment. I am still working and have been working from home since 20th March, which is still giving me some level of normality and routine to my life. Not being a parent means I don’t have to worry about home schooling. I am very thankful that I don’t have any health related issues, so I can still go out for my daily exercise and to get essential food shopping.

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So for me, lockdown life should be fairly easy and not too hard right?

The one thing I didn’t think would bother me in lockdown because it hasn’t bothered me at all is being single. I have been single for about about 18 months now and mostly it has been my choice to stay single and not start dating. After my relationship ended I decided I wanted to take time for me and to find myself again. To challenge myself and do all the things in life that I have always wanted. Getting into another relationship has not been a priority for me until I felt truly ready. And that was all going fine and I was happy with being single – until lockdown. Being around people is so important for me, whether that be family, friends or work colleagues and I have realised that more than ever now that I haven’t been seeing people.

Lockdown Realisation

Another thing I have realised from lockdown is that I am missing being with someone. This has struck me quite a lot especially last week which is when I started struggling a bit more with the current situation. Feeling a bit sad and lonely and missing cuddles and hugs. I am quite an emotional person and cuddles are the one thing that always helps me to feel better about things and I am really struggling with not having anyone to hug and cuddle me at the moment. I am really hoping this is just an emotional reaction to the current situation.

Like most people, I really cant wait for the lockdown to be lifted and life to begin to return to some level of normality again. Seeing my friends and family again and spending time with the people who are so important to me will hopefully help me feel like me again.

Are you struggling with not being able to actually see the important people in your life due to the current situation? Let me know how you are coping with everything.

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