Finding Love Online Safely

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So many people use dating apps and online dating to meet someone new. There are now so many different apps and websites we can sign up to to maybe meet that special someone. The majority of the people on these sites are genuine and looking for a new partner in their life. Sadly, there are also some not-so-nice people on the sites as well – some who are actually out to try and scam you into believing they are something that they really are not.

So, how can you keep yourself safe when using dating websites and apps? Follow my top tips below and make sure you know how to spot the good guys from the bad guys.

Be aware of your profile

So you have signed up to a dating site and you are just about to complete your profile information – STOP for a second! Think about the information you are putting on your profile. Don’t include any personal information, such as your surname and as fun as you think it might be, don’t connect your Facebook or Instagram page to your profile – you will have a lot of personal details that would be very easily to obtain if you connected your social platforms.

Choose your dating site wisely

If you haven’t really used dating sites previously, try and stick to the mainstream, popular and free dating sites uk which are more reliable in terms of keeping your personal information safe. Dating sites such as matchmehappy is free and easy to join and has a solid infrastructure and uses AI technology to keep all it’s users safe from nasty scammers when online.

Be wise to red flags

You have been chatting to someone online and it’s all going great, but then they suddenly start asking lots of personal questions or seem very pushy about wanting to meet up? This could be someone who is not being totally genuine, so just be aware and don’t give out any personal information to anyone who you don’t feel totally comfortable with.

Meet in a safe place

If you do decide to meet, always make sure it is in a public place with other people around. A coffee shop, restaurant or cinema are ideal. And always, without fail, tell your friends where you are going and with who. Tell them all the details of the date – where you are meeting them and what time you are expected to be home. Ask one of your friends to call you at a set time to make sure all is ok and you are safe. Don’t let your date come home with you and always make sure you have a safe way to get home.

If you are safe and careful, there is no reason why meeting people from online dating sites and apps can’t be fun without worrying about anything going wrong, so keep safe and enjoy dating and meeting new people – you never know, you might just find The One!

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