My No-Buy February

Yay, February is finally here and like everyone else I have never been so excited to see pay day! Being paid just before Christmas and having to go 6 weeks through January until being paid again was tough. Although, it did get me thinking about how much money I spend on things that I want rather those things I actually need. So I have decided that February is going to be a No-Buy month for me.

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My aim for this month is to only spend money on the things I have to (household bills and petrol). And for things that I really need to buy (toiletries, birthday present for a friend) By doing this for February, I am hoping it will make me think more about my impulsive and sometimes mindless spending patterns. Don’t get me wrong – I am not the worst with money, in fact I am and have always been a really good saver. However, I have my weaknesses (like us all I guess?). Recently I feel like I have been wasting money a bit more than normal. I seem to be buying things that I don’t need and those that I just don’t have a use for!

As I am following the Slimming World plan, I already make my own lunches and take them to work each day and I have never been someone who makes a morning stop at Costa for a caffeine hit! My spending is mostly on clothes, shoes, home interiors and skincare products. I have an entire wardrobe full of clothes and shoes for every season. Most still with the labels still attached and have never been worn. I will not buy any clothes or shoes in February. The same with homewares – I have so many candles and homeware pieces that I just don’t have the space for, so again February will see me stay away from my favourite homeware stores.

Shopping Bags

One of my biggest splurges is on skincare. I have more products than I can use, but if I see an offer I almost feel like its just too much of a good thing to not buy, especially if the offer is on one of the products I use daily. Again, February will be the month I don’t buy any extra skincare products. I haven’t really thought about how much I want to save by doing all of this through February. I guess I just want to challenge myself and ask myself “do I really need that?” if I happen to find myself in Homesense with yet another candle in my shopping basket!

Have you ever done a no-buy month before? How did you get on? Did you save more than you thought you would? Let me know in the comments below.

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