2020. The year of confidence

I am not someone who believes in making resolutions for a new year. The added pressure of a new year and setting yourself so many things you want to change in your life just adds so much extra pressure and I feel just sets you up to fail. I prefer to set myself monthly goals which I think are a lot easier to mange and a lot easier to achieve.

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Having said all of that I have set myself one main goal/challenge for this year. 2020 is going to be the year of confidence. For many years in my life, I have lacked self-confidence and belief in my own skills and abilities. My lack of confidence has really held me back in my life and stopped me doing so many things I really wanted to do.

The year of change

I have decided that 2020 has to be different. I can no longer let my confidence issues rule my life and stop me from doing and experiencing things I have always wanted to. During 2018 and 2019, I experienced some very unexpected curveballs in life and my confidence was quite badly affected by these events. I have picked myself back up, dusted myself down and kind of put myself back on track again. Starting my life all over again at age 40 (almost 41) has almost given me a new level of confidence and clarity for where I want to be in life and what I want to achieve.

Love heart with hands

2020 is the year that I start saying yes to things that I would never have done before. Things that I would have immediately said no to because of my confidence issues. Believing that I would be judged because of the way I look. There are so many things that I have wanted to do in life. I have always thought I couldn’t do them or wouldn’t be good enough to do them. All that changes from now on.

One thing I have learnt from all the tough times over the last 2 years, and that life is precious and life is very short. I intend to make 2020 the year that I finally start enjoying and living my life – just for me. Saying yes to new and exciting challenges, stepping well outside my comfort zone, challenging my own beliefs and expectations of myself. And do you something? I actually can’t wait!

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